Friday, April 02, 2010


Didn't feel tired last night so I didn't go to bed.

When the sun came up this morning, I decided to go for my walk early while it was still cool and got completely wrapped up in the audio book I was listening to (Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming, a James Bond novel).

Normally I walk about 3 miles but thought I'd go easy today and do half that because my ankles and knees were still sore.

However, when I got back to the house I discovered I'd walked 6.34 miles…which is just over 10 kilometers. Weirdly, my knees and ankles feel okay (although I doubt they will later), but my back is pretty damn sore.

I have proof and everything:


Anyway, I think it's time I went and lay down for a while.

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Sunny said...

That sounds more like a "Hell Yeah!!!" than an "OOPS!!!!!"

Congrats. And all the analgesics are on the top shelf of the bookcase if you need em for your back.