Friday, April 16, 2010

Spam, Spam go away.

Over he past six months or so, my little blog here took a sudden and dramatic upturn in popularity.

First of all, Wil Wheaton linked here to a review I wrote of his audiobook which tripled my readership overnight, and my review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull got put on StumbleUpon by someone, which doubled my readership again.

This is obviously not a bad thing. While I tend to write more as a sort of therapy for myself, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely happy and flattered that I have a decent sized readership.

The downside is that once you have a blog with a good amount of content and a good amount of readers, the spammers show up.

This is the second time this month where I've got out of bed, checked my email (my comments get sent to my email) and found 50+ spam comments...usually on older posts, probably in the hope I won't notice them and take them down.

Now, I know that spammers rarely, if ever, actually read any content on the sites they spam, but on the million to one chance that the owner of that creepy Japanese porn site I keep getting inundated with spam about ever reads this...spamming my blog will do you no good.

Any comments I recieve on this blog go to an email address, and that email is pushed to my iTouch, something I have within reach at all times. Every time I get a spam comment, I delete it immediately.

In other words, creating an account, getting past the captcha and cutting and pasting your spam gets you approximately a minute of exposure on this blog, and the first thing I do after deleting your comment is report you as a spammer.

In other words, keep it up, fucker...I can keep going longer than you can.


Evan 08 said...

"...In other words, keep it up, fucker...I can keep going longer than you can..."

Nice thought, but doubtful. Imagine a warrior taking on an entire legion of Romans single-handedly. The warrior, regardless of skill, eventually succumbs to sheer numbers.

Paulius said...


rayray said...

that reminds me, Dave,
"Spamalot" will be presented at NIACC
in like February!

Scratch the hostile fay said...

If you haven't already done so, you can change the settings and moderate them before they're posted. Saves you from having to delete them afterwards.