Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anger doesn’t even come close.

I've written this post three times already, and then decided not to post it because usually I dislike 'airing dirty laundry' in public or through fear of offending anyone.

Fuck that shit, because it's been three days now and I'm still just about as furious as it's possible for a person to be.

Remember a couple months ago when Sunny's son took my camera and returned it broken with all my irreplaceable pictures deleted?

Well, a couple of nights ago, as I've actually come to expect, there's a knock on the door at two in the fucking morning and there's Sunny's son, with more self-inflicted bullshit drama. Apparently he got into a fight with the person he was staying with (something he also has a habit of doing) and, as fucking usual, he lit a fuse, was shocked when something went bang and then turned up on my doorstep, basically saying 'fix it'.

Going against every instinct I had to tell him to just get the fuck out of my house and to stop making his problems my problems, I told him he could stay for a day or two, mostly for Sunny's sake. You may think I'm being a little uncaring here, but all his problems are self inflicted. He appears to deliberately make the absolute worst possible decision in any circumstance, ignores every bit of advice we give him…and when it inevitably blows up in his face, he turns up here.

Put it this way, over the past couple of years, Sunny's son has put a major strain on our marriage. This is a married father of three I'm talking about, not a 16 year old kid.

The worst part is I spent the past five years fighting for him. I thought people never gave him a chance and always gave him a raw deal. I got in blazing rows with people because I wouldn't hear a bad word against him. Then, I come to find out recently, that he'd been lying directly to my face the whole time. Over the past six months he caused even more drama with his self-inflicted bullshit which caused so much friction between me and Sunny that it nearly broke up our marriage.

Then, after all that, he apologized to me and I decided, for Sunny's sake, to just let bygones be bygones and give him the benefit of the doubt.

So, he stays with us for a night, calls a member of the family who he hasn't seriously worn out his welcome with yet…and suddenly has to leave right then and there. Fuck the fact it was 8 at night and I had the grill lit cooking dinner. He suddenly needed a ride to Sunny's niece's house. I wonder what the sudden big rush is, but no…of course, Frank says jump and Sunny says 'how high' and she drives him over there.

Two days later, I remember I have some pictures on my new camera that I haven't transferred to the computer yet. I open my drawer, the camera isn't there. I look next to the computer, it isn't there either.

Let me point something out here. Since my last camera was knocked into a pile of her son's laundry because she wasn't watching what the fuck she was doing, and then her son decided to wipe all my pictures and destroy the camera rather than return it, I take really good care of the new one. If it's not in my hands it's in my drawer or next to the desktop.

I spend the next three hours turning the house upside-fucking-down looking for it, and it's nowhere to be found. The charger for the battery is missing as well.

Sunny's response to all this can be summed up like this: She couldn't give a shit…and when I get pissed about this, then she gets pissy at me because it's not her fault.

Only one of two things could have happened. I know exactly where I left it, so either she's moved it or decided to tidy my desk and it's ended up in the trash…or her fucking son has stolen it. I don't think that's much of a stretch considering Sunny's carelessness led to the destruction of my $800 camera and her son has a real habit of things going missing around him. I also think it's just a BIT of a coincidence that I have my camera, Sunny's son stays overnight, and the next day it's gone.

The part that really pisses me off is that Sunny calls her son and asks if he's stolen it. He said 'no'. According to Sunny, that's case closed. Because, of course, if he had taken it he would have said immediately.

I cannot describe just how fucking furious I am right now. There's absolutely no way I can afford a new camera now, but the real point is I shouldn't fucking have to.

I've honestly had enough. I'm completely and totally done. Sunny's son is no longer welcome anywhere near my fucking house, because even if he didn't take the camera this time, he's done more than enough to piss me off with his constant bullshit, and as of right this second I am completely out of compassion and empathy and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I've spent 6 months putting up with mountain's of bullshit for Sunny's sake, and considering she's shown absolutely zero concern for my feelings, that stops as of right fucking now.

If anyone has a problem with that, they can go fuck themselves.



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Scratch the hostile fay said...

So *that* is why your posts kept "dissappearing"!

I feel for you, Dent has a niece who we haven't told where we live yet...her own parents have to hide the checkbook and lock the perscription drugs in the closet.


DKSmall, artist said...

I don't know you and I have only just surfed to your blog and read this post. All I have to say to this is...