Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A couple of months ago, I discovered this little gem on Yahoo Answers:

I read this few a few times and found that it captures just about everything that's wrong with the world today in one small, elegant package.

Here's why: This is an example of a very ignorant person with no idea the world works, who wants something absolutely impossible, expects everyone else to do it for her...and believes that people shouldn't be allowed to disagree with or offend her, no matter how retarded they're being.

First of all, there's the belief in magic and the ability to turn yourself into a mermaid. Secondly, she thinks the fact that she takes this 'seriously' and 'finds it offensive' when people contradict her actually counts for anything.

You know what? I'd love the ability to turn trash into gold with a snap of my fingers....would it matter at all how 'seriously' I'd take it, or if I found the people telling me grow up and stop living in fantasy land 'offensive'?

No, because I'm being a fucking idiot wanting impossible things.

However, the part of this I find most hilarious is the fact she wants to become a mermaid because she 'knows there is a lot more to life that war and hate and wants to escape it all'.

Firstly, I love the attitude. Don't take responsibility and try and fix anything, just run away.

Most of all, I love the sheer, earth-shattering ignorance of the idea.

This is a girl who watched 'The Little Mermaid' like it was a documentary. There's a reason wildlife is called wild life. The seas aren't a case of all god's little creatures living in harmony...they're a case of all god's creatures killing each other for mating rights, food and territory.

Now, the image I posted above was a screenshot I discovered online today...the actual original Yahoo Answers post was much better because it had a few hundred comments...but surprisingly, the majority of them weren't people telling this idiot to grow up and try living in the real world...they were complaints from other idiots complaining that she obviously wasn't a witch, because they were and could tell she was fakin'.

This is why I'm for plain speaking and hate all this politically correct bullshit. Sometimes people need to be offended. Sometimes the perfectly correct, appropriate response is to point at someone, laugh and call them fucking idiots.

Political Correctness tells us that everyone's opinion is equally important. NO. IT. ISN'T.

All I'm going to say is that if you think a person who believes in magic, thinks it's possible to turn yourself into a mermaid and thinks the seas are filled with singing lobsters having adventures deserves just as big a say in how the country is run than anyone else...well, let me just say I'm pointing at you, laughing and calling you a big fat retard.


Anonymous said...

That was the funniest Yahoo question I think I have ever seen. I am laughing my ass off (not literally of course although that would be ace!)

Scratch the hostile fay said...

I am always amused at the folks who want to be a witch because "Sabrina the Teenage Witch made it look kewl"

I don't necessarily have a problem with witches, wiccans, etc. As long as they're in it for the long haul. It is supposedly a religion to them, so I respect that part even if I don't do it myself. Most of the ones I've met don't REALLY think you can turn people into toads. It's more about energy, and how it's focused.

Ms. Mermaid over there isn't into the magic aspect; she's into the fantasy aspect, which is a whooooooooole 'nother ball game.

Sort of like the fellow in England who claimed he could ride a broom like Harry Potter?

Okie buddy. Let's see it. ;)


rainbowsandbeerwhatsgood said...

hahaha the little mermaid was hot though