Friday, April 16, 2010

Changing the Tune

Earlier today, Sunny and I were at the pharmacy waiting for her meds to be filled when I went off to look at the books and magazines while we waited.

I stumbled across a book by some Conservative Pundit about how President Obama is destroying the country, how he's worse than Hitler, destroying the American way of life, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The part that made me stop was when I read the blurb where he said it was the duty of 'every patriotic American' to do everything they could to put a stop to the changes President Obama is trying to make.

I suddenly had a flashback.

I remember watching the news back when President Bush was in office, where a Conservative Radio personality at some rally or another looked directly at the camera and said it was 'un-american' and 'un-patriotic' to question the President and that true 'Patriots' support their President and Government no matter what. This, of course, was met with wild cheers.

At the time, I wondered how anyone could get what it means to be a Patriot so wrong…but it made me chuckle today how much they've changed their tune. Last year it was unpatriotic to question anything the President does. This year, it's the 'Duty of every Patriotic American' to fight just about everything the President does.

Well, it turns out that these people not only don't understand what a patriot is, they also seem to not understand the basics of democracy.

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