Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just Because I Was Bored.

So I'm sitting in front of the TV when Sunny's pink corvette catches my eye. (I feel I should explain here, she got it from her Dad because he said he 'Would buy her a pink corvette when it was a cold day in July' cold July day later he bought her this model).

I don't like this car. I tend to anthropomorphise things, and its front grill makes it look angry. It's on the entertainment center next to the TV, and it always looks like it severely disagrees with my viewing choice.

Damn car, I don't car what it thinks...I'm watching the all-day Stargate SG-1 marathon whether it likes it or not!

Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration (and far too much time on my hands) I decided to turn Sunny's angry corvette into a cousin of Disney's 'Cars' much more lovable Lightning McQueen!

A little Photoshop magic later and...



There, isn't that much better? Now it looks like it enjoys Jack O'Neil's cynicism and Samantha Carter's 'Geek-yet-femenine-yet-tough' vibe as much as I do.

(In my own defense, the whole thing took me approximately three and a half minutes to make. Let's just say this is far from my best work. If I'd spent some time and energy on it it would look a lot better...but not bad for a 3 minute goof.)

Coming Soon! I turn a coffee maker into Optimus Prime's weakling half-brother! (A weakling but much better at producing tasty caffeinated beverages).


Sunny said...

Sigh......altho it's a GREAT pic hun, don't you think it would have looked much better had you DUSTED it off FIRST?
you DO have too much time on your hands Babe- so dust already!!!!


manda said...

no way, that looks really good!

marie said...

now shes just laughing at u instead, much better :)