Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mildly Amusing #264

The new Kitty (now named ‘Spook’, because of hit white fur and the fact that he jumps at his own shadow) has discovered that it’s immense fun to jump up and down on the TV remote. He does this because it means I have to reach for the remote, which brings my hands into range of his teeth and claws.

So, during a rare episode of Scrubs that I haven’t seen, he jumps on the remote. The channel changes to…you guessed it, Animal Planet.

So I turn back to scrubs, and a few minutes later he does it again…this time landing on “Funniest Pets and People.”

Surprisingly I didn’t actually laugh all that hard. This is odd, because yesterday he fell asleep on top of the scanner which made me think of the term “Cat Scan”…and I giggled like a schoolgirl for a good 5 minutes.

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