Monday, April 16, 2007


Mark today down in your calendar, boys and girls, for today is the first time ever that your good friend Paulius is not pissed at something.

When you’re not working, your days all kinda merge together. For the past year I’ve been going to bed, getting up, looking for a job online, watching a bit of TV, playing on the computer, eating something and going back to bed. For the two years prior to that, I did the same thing minus the job search, because I didn’t have a work permit.

For those of you that think that sounds like heaven next to your daily grind of working, let me tell you, it’s fun for the first few weeks…after three years it gets old.

That’s why days like today are a breath of fresh air.

I woke up today, and it was the first time in three days that I didn’t have to cough so hard that I nearly passed out. My flu is officially on the way out. Plus, the past few days forced me to cut back significantly on my cigarette consumption so hopefully that’ll be a head-start on cutting back and quitting.

So what else has made me so happy?

Well, first of all, my guitar case sold for more than I was expecting it to on eBay. A nice last-minute bidding war broke out, so I’m happy about that…so even after getting nickel-and-dimed by eBay, I’ve still got a tidy profit.

Then secondly, I decided to cash out some of my Lindens from Second Life. I sold roughly half of my ‘liquid assets’, and got a tidy little sum. Only about $70US, but that made me really happy. Not only because it’s technically money made from dicking around in photoshop and having fun, but because it actually made me feel productive for once.

The third highlight was getting to talk to Saffy on AIM for an hour or so. Have I mentioned I how much fun this girl is? If you’ve never read her blog, go check it out. There’s nothing like talking to a true, sarky Brit when you want your sarcasm batteries recharged.

Finally, I made a decision about what to do with the money from selling my guitar case.

My first thought was obviously to use the money to buy a new guitar, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy another one. Why? Well, it’s because my old guitar (the one that got stolen) was a Gibson SG. All I could afford to buy with the proceeds from selling its case is one of those ‘First Act’, compressed fiber-board specials.

It’s be like driving a Dodge Viper for years and years, then getting it stolen, and replacing it with a 1981 Ford Fiesta.

So I decided to spend the money on something I’ve always wanted, which is a decent keyboard (musical that is, not ‘qwerty’). I actually owned a piano in England, and only got so far learning how to play it when I moved. Plus I couldn’t afford lessons.

So, I’ve found myself a decent keyboard that I can hook up to the PC and learn to play through interactive lessons on the computer. Obviously, I’ve not bought it yet, but I found a site that had MP3 recordings made by it, and the sound quality is awesome.

This sounds really, really odd, but getting my guitar stolen is probably the worst thing that happened to me since moving to the states. (The musicians in the audience will know what that feels like), and somehow, using the money from my old guitar case to buy a new musical instrument, especially one I’ve always wanted to learn kinda gives me closure.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, how was your day.

PS. Great Joke I heard on “The Munsters” today:

Someone invented a device that makes your car quieter. It fits right over her mouth.

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Saffyre said...

I'm so pleased I could be of assistance.

That'll just be $70 for my time....*grins*