Friday, April 20, 2007

Cats Vs Dogs : History's Greatest Hoax?

Cats and Dogs hate each other, right? I mean, we have the sayings and everything. "Fighting like cat and dog" and all that.

When Spook first came into the house, Buddy charged him. The cat bowed up, scratched the hell out of my arms as I tried to hold him still, leapt spider-man like from my lap and tried to climb the wall before going splat behind the couch.

Then Buddy spent the rest of the day, staring at spook, making that insistent whine that in dog language means: "IWannaEatHimCanIEatHimLetMeEatHimPleasePleasePleasePleaseLemmeEatHimWannaWanna WannaEathim!!!!!."

The cat simply remained hidden, hissing at the dog, vampire like.

Since then, they barely tolerate each other. The cat enjoys sneaking up on the dog while he's asleep, giving him a 'helicopter slap' (That's that trick only cats have mastered, where they can pop something a few hundred times a second, making that distinctive whopwhopwhopwhop sound)...and then running like hell, usually getting the dog to try and follow him through a gap that only the cat can fit through (I've had to help the dog remove his head from so many pieces of furniture so many times in the past week, it's not funny)

Oh, and the dog appears to still want to eat the cat, but has settled for licking him all the time, in essence turning Spook into a reluctant Catsicle.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and saw what you're seeing in the picture. It appears that the animals who barely tolerate each other under human supervision enjoy snuggling at night. As soon as they realised they where being watched, the cat ran like hell, the dog just looked embarrassed.

All day I've caught them whispering in corners. The jig is up, and they know it!

This has lead me to the only conclusion I can reach.

The whole Dog-Cat rivalry is only for our benefit. it's the biggest conspiracy/cover-up in history.

Now I just have to uncover the reason for this deception.

Keep a close eye on your pets, people....they're up to something.

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manda said...

thats adorable. my cat hates dogs, and there has been nothing I can do to change it. ...

not even sleep...