Monday, April 02, 2007

Absolutely Disgusting

You know, rants are a common feature here at “Life, What The Hell Is Going On?”, but occasionally something comes along that makes my feeling to all the other things I’ve bitched about seem warm and fuzzy.

This, is without doubt, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.

Just to sum up the article, schools are dropping the Holocaust from history class…because it may offend Muslim students whose beliefs include “Holocaust denial”.

In other words, Muslims don’t believe the Holocaust ever happened, so it’s no longer taught in history class.

Is anyone else outraged by this?

Guess what? The holocaust happened. If you don’t believe that, do a quick google search. If the holocaust never happened, explain those pictures of mass graves. Explain the first hand accounts of allied soldiers who helped liberate the death camps. Explain the first hand accounts from Holocaust survivors who lost most (if not all) of their families.

But god forbid we teach anything that might contradict someone’s religious or personal sensibilities.

Of course, forget about the Jewish people. They only lost the majority of their population thanks to the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. They don’t deserve any thought at all. But we just can’t offend any Muslims. Forget the fact that the thing ‘offending them’ is established, documented fact.

‘Political Correctness’ to this degree has absolutely no place in the schoolroom. Especially in history class. History can be uncomfortable. However, the whole point in learning history is so we can learn from past mistakes.

What’s next? Remove any reference to slavery, because it might make kids whose ancestors were slave-owners uncomfortable? Remove Pearl Harbor from history in case there are any Japanese students in the class? Cut out both world wars all together because they’re too violent and might offend people of German decent?

Give me a fucking break.

You give kids all the information and leave them to make up their own minds. If it makes some people uncomfortable, maybe it’s meant to.

The other big thing is that I seriously doubt that any of this is because a Muslim family complained about what their kids where being taught. Nope, this is the work of yet more rich white-folks who love to stick their unwanted oar in…and it’s things like this that lead you yet more racial tension.


OzzyC said...

I don't believe in frogs. Does that mean that I can get biology classes to stop using them for dissection, because frogs don't exist?

The Girl said...

Oh, I see. We all have to deal with the "happy happy joy joy" curriculum instead of yes, there were wars and yes, people died and yes there were dictators who murdered people.

Heaven forbid somebody might question something or possibly learn something.

Sheesh! What a crock of crap.


MC Etcher said...

This is why separation of church and state is a good idea - religion should not dictate what is taught in school.

Paulius said...

I just think it's disgusting that a fact isn't taught because it might 'offend'.

Even if it's a controversial subject, you teach the kids and let them make up their own mind.

Anonymous said...

The levels of ignorance we stoop to in the name of religion never ceases to amaze me.

The whole thing annoys the arse off me!