Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Future!

Ok, this may sound weird to all my American readers, but one of the things I really wanted to do before moving back to England is to get some video of me doing some shooting to take with me.

Americans are often surprised at just how strict gun control is in England… in that it's pretty much illegal to own any sort of firearm. In fact, I think the only gun you can legally own in Britain is a shotgun, but they're so strictly controlled and licensed that unless you're very rich or work as a gamekeeper or something, you can forget it.

For example, to own a shotgun in England, you have to fill out an application for a license, have a full background check, then a police officer comes to your house to discuss your application (exactly why you want or need a shotgun)…and 'home defense' isn't an option, if you shoot an armed intruder in your home, they treat it like you've just walked into the street and shot a random stranger.

Then you have to tell them your proposed security arrangements (Basically an approved gun safe, securely bolted to the floor and wall with two approved locks). Then, the police officer reports to the Chief of Police, and if your application is approved, the police come to check when you've installed your safe…and if it meets their requirements, then you get your firearms certificate.

Oh, and you can't just go out and buy any shotgun. If you want to take up sporting clays, you'll be allowed a double barrel, but not a pump-action that holds 8 shots because it's 'excessive for your needs'.

Also bear in mind, you can't go buy a shotgun at a Walmart for two hundred bucks…because of the axes and rarity, you're talking thousands…and you have to renew your license every year…and if you don't, your guns get confiscated.

I should also point out that even an air-rifle that delivers 13ft lbs of energy or more is illegal in England without a firearms certificate…and as a comparison a youth model .22 rimfire rifle delivers around 120 ft lbs.

So…yeah. A video of me shooting my Shotgun or Sunny's Glock is something really cool to show my friends. Most brits go their whole lives without ever touching a real gun, never mind getting to shoot one in their own back yard.

So, yesterday, Sunny and I went outside and did a bit of shooting for a few minutes. Then, I got back inside, watched the footage and I couldn't resist. Cue Adobe After Effects!

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Woman atop her Soapbox said...

You could join a rifle club to shoot targets and such but that is expensive as well.

It is strange for me being here that the cops don't even carry guns.