Saturday, May 15, 2010

Allow me a moment to hawk my wares...

Ok, regular readers know I'm moving soon, so I thought I'd give one more push to try and sell some more of my artwork.

I know this will mean very little to everyone, considering I'm a nobody with a crow quill, but all these are original, one-offs. They aren't prints. They're india ink on high-quality acid-free, archival Bristol Board (Yep, I suck so much as an artist that the quality of the paper is a selling point)

I'm thinking around $20 each, plus $10 for shipping.

If you don't wanna pay $30...make me an offer.

If you're interested, drop me a line a

Also, if you're interested in me drawing your D&D character or something, let me know. If you want a jpeg instead of a physical paper drawing, I'll do it for ten bucks a pop.

Oh, and I used a cheapo $50 camera to take these pics, so there's a bit of fringing on the blacks...that isn't there on the actual artwork.

Here we go:


MC Etcher said...

Perhaps you could scan them and post them? It's hard for me to steal them when you take photos of 'em.

Thanks in advance!

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