Friday, May 07, 2010

DUN DUN DAAAAAHHH!!! (Lightning flash, roll of thunder)

This morning, Sunny and I went and turned in her Passport application at the post office. We were originally going to go by the grocery store on the way home, but considering Sunny worked last night and neither of us had gotten much sleep we decided to leave grocery shopping until tomorrow and instead stop and eat at our favorite Chinese place for lunch.

If you're ever in Easley, stop by the Grand China restaurant. It's really good food and lunch is all you can eat for five bucks.

At the end of the meal, the waitress brought over our check and fortune cookies. Sunny was just finishing up the last of her food as I grabbed one of the cookies and cracked it open. It said:

You will inherit a large sum of money,

I looked up at Sunny and said "I'm not sure I like that. There are only two people I could inherit a large sum of money from, and I'd rather keep my mum and dad and do without the money."

"It could mean me." Said Sunny.

"Nah." I said. "If it meant you it wouldn't say *I* was going to inherit a large sum of money."

"I mean something could happen to me." Said Sunny

"Oh," I said, understanding what she meant. "well, I'd rather keep you and do without the money as well."

At that point, Sunny unwrapped her fortune cookie and snapped it open.

It was empty, there was no fortune inside.

"I have no fortune." Said Sunny, then she looked puzzled for a second, then looked up at me with her eyes really wide.

We both started laughing.

"I guess the cookie couldn't be bothered giving you a fortune, considering you're not going to be around for much longer." I said.

It's at times like this that I'm really, really glad that I'm not a superstitious person. Reading you're about to inherit some money and then finding your wife doesn't get her future told at all could really spoil your day.

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Sunny said...

And as usual- we are exact opposites and I totally AM a mega superstitious

*Verification word for me is "dianceig".....which is the Southern pronunciation of "Dancing"......"