Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bass Akwards

Since watching Clash of the Titans the other day, something about that movie was bothering me.

It was weird. It reminded me of the idea of the 'perception filter' in Doctor Who. Like there was something I could just see out of the corner of my eye that was out of place, but couldn't consciously put my finger on what it was.

It finally struck me. It was the PG 13 certificate.

Never has it been more obvious to me that when it comes to the 'morals and values' we want to pass onto our kids, we have got it completely backwards.

You see, at the start of the movie, we see Perseus's mother, father and younger sister drown. We see gets get turned to stone by a snake-haired medusa, we see guys fall into lava and get impaled by giant scorpions. In one scene, we see a guy get literally torn limb from limb.

What it boils down to is this: We're completely okay with our children watching extreme violence. However, had this movie contained the image of a female nipple…not even in a sexual context, just a woman with one of her breasts exposed, the movie would have instantly been given an R rating.

Anyone else think it's just a little weird that, as a culture, we're perfectly fine with our kids seeing graphic violence… but we won't stand for them seeing a human breast. Massive amounts of assault and murder are fine, but a non-explicit depiction of sex between two consenting adults is unacceptable.

Think of it this way…we'remore comfortable with our kids seeing people taking life, rather than the biological process of creating it.


Scratch the hostile fay said...

I'm hoping you can read the other two comments. Cause I can't. :-D

Seriously though... did you see the "wardrobe malfunction" Janet Jackson had a while back at the Super Bowl? NBC got slapped with a fine (which was more than paid for by all the advertising). At the same time, it's football--where big sweaty guys run into each other, knock each other down, and then pile up on each other.

You wonder who's the bigger "boob", Janet or the folks who get upset at seeing one.


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(did you sneeze?)

MC Etcher said...

Yup. It's prudish and silly to be afraid of breasts. I'm sure it'll change a lot in the next twenty years or so.