Monday, May 03, 2010 is useless

Considering that my job hunt in the USA is officially over, I thought I'd take a minute to 'review' careerbuilder.

That is, to say it's completely and totally fucking useless.

The site's ok, but every day I get emails from them that are supposed to be jobs 'suited to my qualifications and preferences'.

Now, let me be clear here, this isn't a case of user error. I've been on the site pretty much daily for the past five years. I've made double and triple sure that it knows what my qualifications are and what type of job I'm looking for. My preferences are general admin/clerical office work…but I think I could get better quality 'matches' if I chucked a dart at the classifieds in the paper.

For example, my job matches today include:

Five separate Army careers, three positions for HGV drivers (I don't even have a regular car license), seven positions for registered nurses, one car mechanic job and another for programming CNC fabrication machines.

Oh, there was one office job, but for that I needed a real estate license.

Basically, if you're looking for a job…don't bother with Careerbuilder.


Scratch the hostile fay said...

:::fly by post:: ain't much better.

And your verfication word is
Doood. Who comes up with this crap?


rayray said...

just like online dating sites........worthless