Sunday, May 09, 2010

Feeling Awesome

For the past few days I've been integrating a lot of running into my daily walks.

I'm pleased to say that I think I'm finally light enough (and strengthened my leg muscles enough) to where I can do some proper running without having to worry too much about my knees or ankles.

I remember about two weeks after I first started, when I was still around 290, that I'd walked a mile and a half and was feeling really good. I was convinced that I could run most of the remaining mile and a half… but just like I'd read about (and completely ignored), when you first start getting back into shape it's like putting a big engine into a chassis that can't handle the torque.

Basically, I tried to run, but it was physically painful and my knees creaked for days afterwards.

Well, I'm really pleased to say that while I'm still definitely what you'd call 'fit', I'm a hell of a lot fitter. I'm down from over 290lbs to 265, and today I ran just under two of my usual three miles… and as an added bonus, when I finished the run, I got the soundclip from Lance Armstrong on my Nike+ app congratulating me on beating my personal best for the mile.

Now, sure, to most people a personal best of 15'30" a mile might not be that fast…in fact most people would call it pathetic…but considering when I started nine weeks ago, it took me close to an hour to walk a single mile…I think getting to the point where I can do three miles in 45 minutes and be back at my resting heart rate in less than 10 minutes is something to shout about.


Evan 08 said...

I don't remember the last time I ran for more than a couple of blocks, so I won't give you any crap.

Lisa said...

Nice post and well written :-)


MC Etcher said...

Very cool! Keep up the great work!