Friday, January 16, 2009

Who’s your Doctor?

I just found out that Matt Smith will be taking over from David Tennant as Doctor Who.

As I lifelong Doctor Who fan, I'm trying really hard to reserve judgment at this point. You see, before Doctor Who came back on TV, I wasn't all that interested in watching it because I thought Tom Baker was the best Doctor there ever was, and I was completely certain no one would ever play the part better. Basically, I was expecting the new seasons of Doctor Who to be like the new Knight Rider series. Based on something awesome, but ultimately a great big pile of shit.

However, Christopher Eccleston did a fairly good job as The Doctor, the writing was as great as it ever was, and they managed to keep enough of the low-budget 'cheesy' feel of the previous seasons while using some awesome big-budget special effects. Then, most surprisingly of all, David Tennant took on the role and he very quickly became my favorite Doctor.

Basically, I don't want to judge until I've seen Matt Smith on screen. For all I know he could turn out to be the best Doctor ever.

Unfortunately, there's no changing the fact that right now he looks like a manufactured emo nickelodeon-style boyband member. Seriously, it's like the Tardis is being put in the hands of one of the Jonas Brothers. After seeing the dude's picture, I was wondering if they'd also be casting Hannah Montana as his new companion.

But like I said, I'm reserving my real judgement until I see the guy act.

Dude…don't fuck this up. At this point, the series' survival is on your shoulders and you have some gigantic shoes (well, trainers) to fill.



Sunny said...

I'm not reserving judgement- in my eyes, NO ONE can fill David Tennant's


rayray said...

I too was left wondering 'what the hell can this KID bring to the role'?!

And I'll have to agree, that next to John Pertwee, David Tenet IS the Doctor.

(BRING BACK ROSE TYLER!! or even Martha Washington, for that matter. either one of them would eat this Matt kid for breakfast )