Sunday, January 25, 2009

Result of Boredom

Did a bit of random websurfing and stumbled across a ton of Fable 2 concept art. The artwork made me want to draw something, so I did almost a direct copy of one of the pieces. I liked the sketch enough to give it a quick inking and color in photoshop. Unfortunately, my tablet is still broken, meaning the cursor jitters like crazy, so my line-work isn't nearly as smooth or clean as it should be.

Then I slapped a stock image background on it and figured I'd post it here.


Evan 08 said...

If I was animated, I'd tap that.

Paulius said...

The funny thing is I posted it because I liked the way it turned out. Now that I look at it again, all I see are mistakes.

marie said...

Looking like that and standing on a street corner. Shame on you paul.