Monday, January 05, 2009

Eat Fresh!

Sunny and I didn't feel like cooking today, so we jumped in the car and went to Subway.

Pretty soon we were sitting down, munching on our sandwiches, when I looked up and thought a rogue planet was crashing into the restaurant.

Ok, I know it's not PC to make fun of fat people, but this guy was gigantic. I don't mean normal fat, I mean Guinness Book of Records fat. He looked like a beach-ball with a hands and feet. Not the kind of fat you get from just eating too much. The kind of fat that takes years of honest commitment and dedication to not giving a fuck about your body to achieve.

He then proceeded to order a foot-long sandwich, which he got double-stacked (double the meat) got the thing absolutely covered in mayonnaise and didn't get a single veggie. As he walked…well, waddled…to his table, I saw he also had two packs of Lay's chips in his meaty fist. Apparently, the huge selection of wholegrain and baked chips weren't to his liking.

Then he sat down, plucked out his cell phone and stuck a Bluetooth headset in his ear. I was talking to Sunny when I overheard him say, and I shit you not:

"Yeah, I'm eating at Subway…I'm eating healthy from now on. New Year's resolution."

I damn near choked on my soda.

Ok, this is something that needs to be cleared up…because I think a lot of idiots…I mean, people…are making the same mistake:

Subway offer a lot of healthy choices. However, just because something has the Subway logo on it does not make it healthy.

Out of pure morbid curiosity I looked down at my napkin that had nutritional information on it for most of the stuff Subway sells. The guy's 'meal' was the equivalent of two Whopper meals from Burger King…and that's not counting the soda (he refilled four times while we were there).

Here's the deal, you can eat very healthily at Subway. If you eat one of their 'Fresh Fit' meals which consists of a six-inch sub (without cheese, mayo or any other fat-rich dressing), a portion of apple slices and a diet soda, you can tell someone you're eating healthy and mean it.

I honestly don't understand this. Are people honestly that stupid that they can believe bacon, cheese and mayo can be healthy because it comes in a Subway wrapper…or are these people just plain lying to themselves?

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Bridget from SL said...

I vote for lying to themselves.
Kind of like when I eat ice cream because I need the calcium....

Btw, on an unrelated note, I'd like to talk to you about something. Any chance you'll email me or log into SL?