Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here’s the deal

Ok kids, here's the deal.

I realize that I'm just pissing in the wind when I ask you to not make crude references to my mother's sex life, and your role in it whenever I shoot you during an online game. I know that there's almost zero chance of getting you to quit the homophobic crap or getting you to understand that being racist isn't big, clever or funny.

However, can we come to a compromise on one point?

When I pick up my controller and fire up the Xbox, one thing I really don't need is to have a fifteen minute game narrated by you talking to yourself. You see, I spent three fifteen minute games today listening to one of babble on for every goddamned game. No-one was talking to you and you weren't talking to anyone else. However, you did shout 'bullshit' every time you died, blathered on about how 'cheap' the way people killed you was.

I mean, seriously…who the fuck are you talking to? You do realize that everything you say is being sent to every other player's house whether they want to or not?

Basically, kids, use the headsets to talk about the game. Use it to trash-talk if you must…but if you're just babbling away to yourself (or even worse, just talking about something random with someone in the room with you) just take off your headset. The truth is I honestly don't care that you think 'Jenny Matheson' is hot. I don't care that you think her boyfriend is a douchebag and I really don't care that you haven't even started the paper that's due on Monday.

Oh, and for the people who don't say a damn thing for the entire game, buy heavy-breath the whole way through it…this goes double.


Dauragon said...

That's why the party system is so awesome. Me and my friend join up with the party system and we don't hear anyone but us. Which has two pluses:

1.) the only people who can hear you and you can hear are your buddies, who are probably not douchebags

2.) you and your buddies can talk about how hot Jenny Mathis is, without annoying everyone else in the world.

Usually though, when I'm not playing with my friends, I just play with the headset off.

Sunny said...

That's one reason I couldn't play a game like that.....I like Dauragons
way of doing it- the Party system. I play crap enough and can only imagine what a psycho I would be with all the yakkity-yak that goes on like you're talking about.

Paulius said...

Well, the problem there is I only have one friend who has a 360 and we only have one game in common.

Plus, it was a game of COD that 'inspired' this post, and try as I might, there's just no way to turn speech off. Without a headset, the speech comes through your speakers, even if you have it set NOT to do this in the dashboard.

That's the problem, there are a few different ways these ass-hats could babble all they want without pissing anyone else off...and they just choose not to.

Evan 08 said...

Bummer... if they're doing that on COD WAW, then I may have to stick with COD IV.