Saturday, January 31, 2009

I’m honestly asking…

Has anyone out there in blogland ever attempted to do anything that's gone off without a hitch? Experienced a situation where everything has gone to plan?

Today, my stepson came over to install a radio in the new car. I have absolutely no clue how to install a car radio, so I was only there for moral support as Frank installed the thing. After about half an hour when we turned on the ignition to test the connections and saw the front of the radio light up, I suddenly realized that nothing had gone wrong. I mean, not even slightly. We hadn't even bought the wrong connectors or dropped a screw on the floor.

"This makes me really nervous." I said.

"Why?" Asked Frank.

"Because if nothing's gone wrong yet, something big is about to fuck up."

That's the way my mind works, but I'm not a pessimist, I'm just going on previous experience. However, everything appeared to have gone off without a hitch. Hell, we'd even discovered that the wiring in the dash was correctly

So everything worked, we slid it into the dash…

…and it didn't fit.

In the end we had to take most of the dashboard out to install the damn thing and once it was in the dash, we discovered there was just enough wiggle-room so that the whole radio vibrated like crazy when the engine was running, resulting in the world's loudest buzzing noise.

As of right now, to stop it vibrating, we have a couple of slips of folded up paper wedged in each side.

This is honestly how things always work for me. No matter what I try to do, something always goes slightly wrong. In this instance we get a much better car amazingly cheap, we get a really good stereo amazingly cheap…and it doesn't quite fit.

A couple weeks ago I got a really good deal on a GPS, but my PC will randomly fail to recognize it when I try to update it. I got some RAM amazingly cheap, and it turned out to be the wrong type. We spend a hundred dollars on a new car battery, and forget to take it out before our old car got hauled off to the scrap yard.

I'm not complaining exactly. I'm just wondering how normal this is.

So when you try to replace a washer in a faucet, change the oil in your car or do any job that should be really easy and only take a few minutes…how many people out there actually expect it to be quick and easy?


Evan 08 said...

I expect things to go right if I've done it before.

marie said...

Absolutly never. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Its the law :). I am pessimistic though so...The damn cup is always leaking and never gets full.

Kato said...

I made a ham sandwich the other day that was absolutely delicious. Other than that, no, nothing I do ever goes quite right or without a hitch.

Evan 08 said...