Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nothing Ever Goes Right.

A couple weeks ago, after a bit of scrimping and saving, I had enough cash saved to finally give my PC a memory upgrade. As I only have 1 gig at the moment, to say it chugs a little would be a bit of an understatement.

I was absolutely ecstatic when I looked on Newegg and saw I could get 4 gigs of RAM for about forty bucks, including shipping. I was also pleased to see that the user reviews of this RAM was 100% positive.

Then today, for the first time ever, UPS managed to find my house without numerous delays and phonecalls. I got up today to find an envelope stamped with 'Newegg' waiting for me on my desk.

So, the first thing I did when I got up was try to install it. I could honestly taste the extra performance. No more chugging in Photoshop or Premiere. No more waiting five minutes for the machine to boot.

The only problem was, this RAM seemed extremely tight. I pressed it into the slot as hard as I dared but it just wouldn't click into place. I could get the right side to click, but not the left or vice-versa.

With a growing feeling of foreboding, I took one of the old DIMMS and put it on top of the new one…they didn't match.

Yup, I'd somehow managed to buy 240 pin DIMMS instead of the 184 pin that I need. So, not only is this memory absolutely useless to me…It's warranty is also 'replacement only'. I can send it back to newegg, but all I'll get in return is another set of 240 pin DIMMS.

Just to make the situation a little more awesome, I checked the price of 184 pin DIMMS on newegg. Firstly getting 4 gigs with only two memory slots is right out unless I feel like spending four hundred bucks…and the best I could find was 2 gigs for about ten bucks more than I spent on the memory I have not including shipping.

Not that it matters much anyway, considering it rained for the past two days and the leak in the roof is back. It's nowhere near as bad as it was, but it means that any spare money we were counting on this week and next week will be spent on roofing cement…and I get to spend another day up on the roof.

Anyone want to buy two 4gig 240 pin DIMMS?

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