Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Greener Grass

Yesterday was an example of what can only be described as "Holy Fuckballs" kinda weather.

Yahoo weather claimed it was 99 degrees here in Easley, but our weatherstation/thermometer thingy showed it to be a balmy 106 outside with the humidity close to 100%

Put it this way, Sunny and I had bought a sirloin tip roast to cook in the smoker for dinner yesterday, and when I took the cover off the smoker, the temperature gauge showed it was already 180 degrees inside. It hardly felt worth lighting the charcoal just to get that extra forty. Considering that an internal temperature of 150 degrees results in a 'medium' roast, I could have just chucked the roast in the unlit smoker and let the sunlight do its work.

It really was the unholy kind of hot, made even worse by SC's characteristic high humidity. It's really hot, so you're sweating in seconds, but because the humidity is so high, the sweat doesn't evaporate, meaning it doesn't do anything to cool you down...and within a few minutes you look like you've just been swimming and you can't actually see because of the sweat stinging the crap out of your eyes.

Now, a few times over the past few days, Sunny has been talking about how much she's looking forward to the weather in England. For example, in my home town yesterday, it was sunny and had a high of just 64 degrees.

The thing is, I know Sunny's going to hate British weather, no matter what she says...but she's having none of it.

You see, before I moved to America, I was (obviously) completely used to British weather. I couldn't wait to move over here to get away from it. In England, roughly 70%of our days are completely overcast, it rains most of the time, and even mid-summer temperatures struggle to get past 70 degrees.

Basically, cold, dark and rainy is how you describe British weather. Other countries go on vacation to see new places and explore new cultures. In England, we go on vacation to get away from the crappy weather.

I couldn't wait to move over here, to a country where bright, sunny skies and warm days were the norm. Six months after moving here when I found myself taking my fourth cold shower of the day, I suddenly found myself really wishing for a cold, overcast rainy day.

That's what I can't get across to Sunny. She's lived in SC all her life, and as much as she complains about the the heat, that's what she's used to. While she's sitting there talking about how much she's looking forward to the nice, cool weather...I know that six months after moving, when she hasn't seen the sun or a speck of blue sky for two months, and it's raining again and she's wearing a sweater and jeans in July...she'll sit there and wish for just one nice, hot sunny day.


Sunny said...

We'll see.....I'm gonna miss a lot of stuff about here- but I honestly don't think the Summer Heat & Humidity is one of them.

Woman atop her Soapbox said...

You are correct Paul. She will miss the weather. Take the coldest day of the year and have that from August until the following May.

We hit 88 degrees for 4 days and that was our summer. Our heat stays on in our house year round, thermostat a little higher in the winter than in the summer and last night, the radiators came on because the night time temps got in the 40s.

Being cold 10 months out of the year is very difficult.