Friday, June 18, 2010

Damn Mexicans and their Shopping.

A few weeks ago, Sunny and I were out grocery shopping when some completely random dude walked up to us and, completely out of the blue, said:

"Huh! Finally! I found a store that the Mexicans haven't found yet."

I was instantly furious. This wasn't an overheard comment, this was a guy who actually went out of his way to make sure a couple of strangers knew what a retarded bigot he was. Think about that for a second. The store wasn't full of Mexican people, he didn't come up to us to us to complain about how many Mexicans there where…he came up to us to comment on how awesome it was that there weren't any Mexicans in the store.

I didn't say anything, mostly because I didn't want to get involved in a screaming match in the middle of the 'special purchase' aisle…but I really wanted to.

I wanted to turn to this guy and say: "Hey, I'm an immigrant too, but I guess you're okay with that because I'm white. So, do you want to admit you're just a retarded racist? Or should I go overdose on fake tan and speak Spanish so you can carry on pretending you're just against illegal immigration?"

I just don't understand the problem. I mean, it's really ignorant, but there's actual logic behind complaining that illegal immigrants are 'taking American jobs'…but what possible problem can you have with immigrants buying groceries?

"These damn Mexicans, driving to our grocery stores and…uhhh…filling their carts with groceries! Yeah, then…waiting in line….and paying for their stuff before packing it into their car and driving home!"

Those bastards.

I mean, a packed grocery store is a packed grocery store. Personally, I don't give a shit what nationality or race the other shoppers are. I'm not pathetic or insecure enough to have to divide the world into 'Us vs. Them'.

Oh, but the best part? The guy so hell bent on not having to share a supermarket with a Mexican?

Top of his cart?

Taco shells.


Saffy said...

Oh Paul.......You would HATE me if you heard some of the stuff that falls out of my mouth with regards to mexicans.

Let me start by saying that I have a MAJOR issue with illegal immigration. After having to go through the process legally, it infuriates me that these people SNEAK over the US border and then start having their 'anchor babies' and claiming food stamps and a host of benefits whilst someone else in their household brings in wads of cash from being paid (a low wage) under the table in cash with no taxes paid.

I see it every damn day at work, they have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars at their disposal on food stamps, and sometimes they even have cash balances on their 'EBT' cards too so they can buy a bunch of 'fun' non food stuff.

The whole time, they are babbling at each other in F*CKING SPANISH! They can't even be bothered to learn the language of the country they so desperately want to live in. I understand a few words of Spanish, but I REFUSE to make it easy for them when they tell me 'No Habla Inglese'....Hell no, i'm as awkward as I can be.

I loathe and detest having to be polite to them when they best they can usually manage is a grunt whilst they wave their benefits card at me.

Now, I am in a position to state for a FACT that 75% of the users of EBT cards I see in Wal Mart are Hispanic, they also usually have a minimum of 3 kids with them. You can call it racist, you can call it what you want....but maybe some people are sick and tired of their benefits system being abused, and that translates into the simplest of things like not having Mexicans in the grocery store. Hell i'd LOVE to shop in a place where I don't have to hear ANYONE speak Spanish.
In my experience of talking to people here, their issues (and mine) are not with the LEGAL immigrants, of whichever descent, it's with the illegals....and the mexicans are statistically the worst perpetrators.

Mark said...

Good for you Saffy! Being born and raised in Las Vegas, I have witnessed first hand what they have done to my town. Most of the people I know who DON'T have a problem are the ones who don't have to deal with the problem on a daily basis.

Mark said...

BTW,I recently moved to a very small town to get away from the dreaded Mexicans! It is so refreshing being able to push my grocery cart down the aisle without having to be subjected to that Spanish banter on a daily basis! The butcher, produce man, cashier all speak English! The Mexicans that do live here speak the language and that is fine with me.

Laura Muzzy said...

I like your use of the phrase "retarded bigot." Really? I agree with your point, but please don't be a hypocrite.

Paulius said...

Actually Laura, if you check the dictionary, you'll find that the word 'retarded' is a perfectly valid term for someone who is mentally deficient.

Considering I was talking about people who see Mexicans as some sort of plague, I think referring to those people as retards is perfectly justified.

The fact you read the word 'retard' and assumed it was an attack on the mentally ill has more to do with your prejudices than mine.

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