Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't get it.

Today, I finally put my Xbox online to set up a Live account. As a bit of an added bonus, for signing up I got a one month Gold I played a little online Uno.

Anyway, for the moment, getting the console online means taking the modem from the PC and setting it up on the other side of the room with lots of trailing wires all over the floor. Long story short, getting the 360 online needs a little planning ahead and won’t be left connected all the time.

I either need to spend a hundred bucks on a wireless adapter, or about fifty bucks for an adapter so I can use the 360 with my PC monitor, so I can move the console to my desk within 'wire range' of my router. Neither of which will be happening very soon. Maybe my birthday in January.

I also heard about the 360 ‘Memory Upgrade Program’, where if you bought the ‘arcade’ version 360 (the one without a hard-drive), you can get a hard drive on the cheap. So, long story short, when Microsoft get round to shipping it, I’ll get a 20gig HD and four months of Xbox Live Gold for about thirty bucks.

Anyway, for anyone who’s interested, I’ve put my gamercard up on the top right, so if any of my fellow gamer-bloggers feel like adding me as a friend, go ahead.

There was one thing I just don’t get.

I was having a browse and I watched a couple of TV show previews (It was all I could do. Without a HD yet, there wasn’t much I could download that would fit on my little 246mb memory card).

My question is…why are there so many Xbox and Xbox live advertisements actually on Xbox Live? I watched a couple of ‘shorts’ and a few movie previews…and they all ended with an Xbox advertisement.

What exactly do they expect those ads to do?

In order to see them you have to have an Xbox and a subscription to Xbox Live…do they think I’m going to run out and buy a second console? That’s like buying a movie on DVD, and finding it stuffed with trailers and ads for the movie you’ve just bought.


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