Friday, October 03, 2008

All Good Things...

Well, we just got back from taking my parents to the airport. Their trip is finally over and I can honestly say that today was the only day they were here that we didn’t have an absolute blast.

Me and my Mum are cut from the same cloth when it comes to things like this. We both hate long goodbyes. Their plane takes off at around five today, but they had to be at the airport by three…and that meant the whole day up to now was one great big l-o-n-g goodbye.

We got up at around ten and sat around talking for a while. Then at midday we went out for a quick bite to eat at the local Hardees.

The hardest part was when we got back to the house at about 1pm. It was far too early to get in a car and drive to the airport, but there just wasn’t enough time to do anything. It’s really odd because you really feel like you should be making the most out of the last of the time you have together, but knowing you’ll be on the way to the airport in less than an hour just sucks all the fun out of everything.

It’s like that last day of Summer vacation before school starts. You really want to make the most of those last precious hours of freedom, but you’re just too depressed to do anything... especially when you have to get your school supplies ready for the next day.

It’s like watching the Christmas decorations being taken down… back when you were five years old.

The absolute worst part of today was right after we dropped them off. As I said above, both me and my Mum despise long goodbyes, so me and Sunny walked them up to the check-in desk, I gave them a hug, wished them a safe trip, told them I loved them, said goodbye and then we left. It may sound a little ‘uncaring’, but the God’s honest truth is that just standing around waiting for the time to go is just plain torture for me and my parents.

We walked out of the terminal and I turned to Sunny and said:

“This is the bit I really hate. I’m probably not going to see my Mum and Dad for another two years… and it’s not hard to deal with when they’re actually back in England… but right now they’re right there in that building. I could just turn around, go through that door and see them again right now. It’s really hard to just walk away.”

That’s the thing that sucks right now. Even though I’m saying their trip is over and they’ve gone home…they’re still going to be at Greenville airport for another hour and a half. It’s probably hard to understand for anyone who doesn’t live on the opposite side of the Atlantic to their family…but knowing that they’re so close right now and not getting to spend time with them sucks really, really badly.

Anyway, before I end up depressing everyone, we had an absolutely amazing time while they were here. While we never seem to get to do as much as we’d like when they’re here, we still manage to have a lot of fun anyway.

If you really want to know how much I enjoyed their trip, here’s something else I said to Sunny in the car:

“You know what? My parents got me that 360 in their first week here. Normally I’d have played it for more than eight straight hours as soon as I got it home. Instead, I’ve played it for maybe two hours spread over the last two weeks. Tonight, my parents are going to be on their flight home, you’re going to be at work and I have twelve completely undisturbed hours to play it as much as I want…

…but if I had the choice I’d turn this car around right now and give away the 360 if it meant my parents could stay another week.”


Mum, Dad, if you read this when you get home, I love you both and hope you had a good flight. Hopefully Sunny and I will get to visit you next year.

Oh, and PS….Guitar Hero.

(Sorry, in-joke there)

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