Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Header Take 2

Yes, I'm completely aware that the new header doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the design. As Etcher asked if it was part of an overall site redesign...it was meant to be, but now I don't wanna mess with it until someone can give me a bit of instruction.

I actually designed the header for the new site, which I think is kinda spiffy, here's a little preview:
Then, while I was still in Photoshop I just decided on making a new header for this blog on a whim.

Now, I should point out that I have absolutely no HTML knowledge. Never took a lesson, no one ever taught me anything. The way I do HTML is look at an existing template, and try and work it out. Then I'll randomly change values, preview to see what's changed and kinda work it out from there.

To originally change the header image on this site, I went to someone else's blog, got the name of their header image, then looked at the source code of their blog, searched for the image name, and saw what they did.

So for this blog, it wasn't too difficult. I just replaced the old image URL with the new one and messed with the padding until it fit.

Well, anyway, I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to add a new header to the new blog.

Unfortunately, since Blogger added all its new features, the templates seem to be radically different.

Last night I spent nearly 2 hours trying to put the header on the new site, only to find out I'd put the image as the background of the header. So I ended up with my header exactly where I want it, but the page title superimposed across the logo.

I didn't think this would be a problem, just change the site name to nothing, and it would vanish!

Unfortunately I didn't know TWO things. First of all, you can't have a blog with no title, and two, by changing the title through the new builder, it reverted the template back to it's original form, which completely removed my logo.

So, unfortunately, for the time being, this blog is going to stay exactly how it is now, and it may take me a while to work out how to put the new header on the new blog. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

As a side note I also think it's time blogger did a little house cleaning. It took me an hour to find a free URL for the new blog, and it seems every single URL I actually wanted to use was already taken by some douchebag who never updates.

For example, "Geekology" was taken, but had no posts, no template no nothing, and my second choice was taken by a guy who had posted:

"Been trying to get Mac OSX to run, but I'm having problems :/"

That was it, a single post made back in 2002, no updates since. In other words, just because a douchebag who decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon 5 years ago, and lost interest after a single post...I'm stuck with a sucky URL.

Maybe I'll invest a little of the money I've made with Second Life with Godaddy.com and buy myself an actual .com domain name.

Oh wait...just checked, Geekology.com is being camped by yet another douchebag.

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Kato said...

Just spell Geek with 3s. :)