Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For Real...

My regular readers will know this about me:

I'm an incredibly cynical, sarcastic, nit-picking bastard. I could find the down-side in Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima walking into my bedroom naked, carrying a 10 gallon jug of KY Jelly, and a note from my missus that says "Have a good time, and there's a steak waiting for you when you're done!"

So bear this in mind when I say that the Discworld series of books, written by Terry Pratchett is quite simply the greatest work of fiction ever written.

They're a series of books that can only be categorised as "Comic Fantasy", but they have managed to make me laugh out loud like a manic, actually cry, and they're capable of actually make you feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

Add to that the fact that Pratchett's writing style is almost magical. He's the first writer I've ever read that can describe a complex scene in a couple of sentences, but do this so well you can actually see what he's writing about.

In case I haven't sold you yet, if I was locked in a room for the rest of my life and was given the option of access to every book ever written minus Terry Pratchett, or my pick of 5 of his books...I'd take the five Pratchetts without a moment's hesitation.

Check them out.

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