Thursday, February 15, 2007

Casting Call!

I realized recently that I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts that I later decide not to post, simply because I know the majority of my readership here won’t be interested in the topic.

It’s difficult to classify this blog. Really, it’s a “personal” blog (in the sense I write a lot about things that are happening in my life, and my own personal opinions on things), but with a bit of a technology “bias”.

In other words, most of the mail I get regarding this blog is either to stop talking about the tech and write more “funny” posts…or stop with the funny shit and write more about gadgets and tech.

In other words, I find it hard to write for my target audience, because basically I don’t have a target audience.

Because of this, I’ve decided to start a new “Tech-only” blog to run along side this one.

This is where you, my dear readership, come in.

I’m under no illusions about my journalistic abilities, I also have no “contacts” in the tech and computer industries…and what I certainly don’t want my new blog to be is nothing but cut-and-paste stories from Slashdot, Digg and other tech news sites.

Because of this, I’m going for more of a discussions and opinions type of blog. For example, stories on why you think the Wii is outselling the Xbox 360 and PS3, copyright issues and ideas to make them fairer, reviews on the latest gadgets you’ve bought…you get the idea.

In other words, the last blog post I wrote (and subsequently decided not to publish) was about how many games are being dismissed as “clones” (Such as Saints Row or Scarface being dismissed as GTA clones), and why I think this is unfair.

Essentially a blog for anything that has to do with computers, gaming or technology.

So, I’m sending out a casting call. I’m not asking for full time writers (or ANY minimum amount of writing), basically if you’d like to be involved just let me know and I’ll put you on the team list. Even if you only think you’d write something once or twice a year, I’d still love to hear from you.

The other big thing to mention is don’t feel you need to have a technological background to be considered. If you’ve just played your first video-game and want to share your experience, or never handled anything more complicated than a spoon, but just bought your first iPod…a “layman’s eye view” would be an interesting read.

In other words, this has nothing to do with expertise. Essentially I just want this blog to be a group of people discussing the latest happenings in computers, gaming and tech.

Another idea I had, is if I get a decent enough response, recording the occasional podcast over skype, and putting it on the blog for download.

Let me know if you’re interested. Either leave me a comment or drop me an email.

Thanks all!


OzzyC said...

I'll bite.

MC Etcher said...

I'd offer to join in, but the last game I bought was in 2005. I'm so far out of the loop it's probably a square knot by now.

Good luck on the project!

Paulius said...

lol, well that's kinda the point MC, and you're the only person I know with at least some experience of the games industry.

IE, what's it like to test a game? How come games can be so thoroughly tested, but still released almost "unfinished"? What are the upsides and downsides of the job.

Have you ever actually said "Can you believe I get paid for playing games?"

...and Ozzy, I'll send an authorship invite once I have the blog set up.

MC Etcher said...

Hmm... When you put it that way, I guess so. As long as it's clear that my viewepoint was entry level all the way.

Count me in.

Kato said...

You're not alone in having that problem. WITFITS doesn't have a theme either, and I'm often torn as to whether or not I should post something for fear that it might "not be want my readership is interested in". I get over it by realizing that if I want to post on a regular basis, it's going to have to be a variety of things, because I don't have the energy to, say, write a "What's inside my head" post every day (it would get unfunny quicker than it probably already has). Blogs are, at their heart, a journal, and so there is a certain expectation that entries will be random and "personal". With tags and categories becoming more prevalent, it's maybe more acceptable now to blog on a variety of topics because users can more easily find stories that are what they like to read.

Oh my I'm rambling.

Your new blog sounds interesting. I will tentatively express a willingness to help out, though I hesitate to commit as I keep myself fairly busy.