Friday, February 16, 2007

How Secure is That?!?!

So we decided we could save some money by bundling our services with Charter.

We already have Charter Internet and cable, so we decided to add the phone service as well.

So Sunny calls a few days ago, and they let her go ahead and order the extra services, make an appointment etc. Then, in a weird switch from the norm, the guy actually comes out almost a week early, and we miss him.

So Sunny calls back and tries to reschedule the appointment, and they pretty much refuse to even talk to her, because the Charter account is in my name. (Weird isn't it? They let her order extra services, but not reschedule an existing appointment).

Today she calls back (I didn't know what she'd actually ordered etc, so it was easier that way, I just told her to give the phone to me if she had trouble, and I'd tell them she was authorised to speak for me).

I'm listening to her talk, and then she says "Yeah, he's right here, one second." and hands the phone to me.

So I'm waiting for the girl on the phone to ask for my social security number, an account password, my address phone number, anything. What she actually says is:

"I'm talking to Sunny, do I have your permission to ad her as an authorised caller?"

"Yes." I say.

"Ok, you can put her back on now."

Wow, the lengths these people go to, just to protect my account and identity from people! Not only do they let a non-authorised person add services...they insist on a having a male voice, that the caller tells them is her husband and account holder, to say "Yes." before they'll give her access.

Damn, I feel protected.

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