Sunday, February 11, 2007

How Was Your Week?

You know, I’ve not had the best week ever.

Let’s recap.

One week ago today, I was cooking. Now, the plan was to put a ¼ inch of oil into a skillet, then lower the fish into it slowly, laying it down.

Instead, what actually happened is, as I held the fish over the skillet, it slipped from my fingers and belly-flopped in the grease, sending a good half-cup of smoking hot grease onto my right forearm.

Luckily, my forearm was under the cold faucet within seconds, and despite the fact my forearm closely resembled Gorbachev’s head, there was very little pain after a few minutes.

However, I wasn’t ridiculously happy two days later when the dog jumped up at me, his claw caught the blistered skin on my forearm, and pulled away a large chunk of it. Then for two days I had a raw, open wound on my forearm that stung like the blazes when it touched anything, making sleeping an absolute nightmare.

Then, as regular readers will know, my DVD drive decided to give up the ghost. Despite the fact I hadn’t used it in a few weeks, and it worked perfectly the last time I tried to use it.

Oh, and just as I gave up, and decided it was jiggered, I dropped a disc in there, just to get it off the desk while I was talking to my Dad, and it read the disc instantly with no problem. As I smiled, wondering why it suddenly decided to work, I removed the disc, slapped in the one I actually needed to access…to find it suddenly wasn’t working again (and wouldn’t read the disc it magically read seconds earlier).

Then I realized with my wireless network, I could fire up my laptop, put the DVD in that drive, then either set it up as a network drive, or simply copy the contents to the laptop and transfer it to the desktop.

5 seconds later I remember that my laptop is well and truly jiggered, which also reminded me that I have $100 worth of wireless router and network card that I have absolutely no use for.

Worst part? What we spent on the wireless and the laptop non-repair…We could have bought a Wii, or at least a replacement DVD drive with cash left over.

Then, to top off my week, I ate a bag of “Blazin’ Ranch and Buffalo Doritos”, which where delicious. But within minutes for eating them, I stood up, coughed, and threw them back up.

Trust me, Blazin’ Ranch and Buffalo is not the most pleasant thing to experience in reverse.

How was your week?

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Kato said...

Could have been worse... you could have been deported... right? Guess I'll hold on to those pictures of you nude with the Bush daughters for another day... you clearly had a rough enough one as it was.