Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cry for help!

Ok, this is an SOS to my fellow techie type readers.

A month or so ago, my DVD drive just decided to stop working. I assumed it was simply the lens that needed cleaning. So today, I buy a lens cleaner, and still no luck.

Now, the lens cleaner has an "audio instructions" track on track one, and plays a constant tone while it's actually cleaning the lens.

Basically, the drive reads this with no problems, and as far as I can tell, the drive will play commercially pressed CDs.

It will not, however, play copied CDs or DVDs, and won't play commercially pressed DVD's either.

The only thing I have changed in the system that I can think of is I installed a new graphics card.

I've updated the firmware, checked the IDE channels, checked that DMA was enabled...everything I can think of.

I think it's one of two possibilities:

1) The drive is just jiggered.
2) The graphics card is drawing too much power, resulting in less power to the drives lazer, making it unable to read DVDs (I read somewhere it takes more power to read a DVD than a CD.

However, I don't understand why if the "power" theory is true, that it would fail to read copied CDs.

Any thoughts?

(Kato, Etcher and Ozzy, I'm talkin' to you!)


MC Etcher said...

Hmn, I know it sounds like a pain in the ass, but try putting the old video card back in and see what happens.

I suppose it could be a power issue - i might have heard somewhere that the same laser used for CDs isn't same as the one for DVDs - so the power consumption could be different? Let us know what happens in the end.

OzzyC said...

Do you have access to a different PC?? You could then pop the DVD player in to that machine and see if it works there. This may give you a further indication if the drive is toast.

Other than that, I'm with Etcher... try replacing the old vid card... You could try updating firmware and/or drivers (though I suspect you already have done this). Remove any recent windows updates.