Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Pox on Photoshop!

Recently I’ve really got into photoshopping.

First it was regular drawing as my regular readers will have seen. More recently I found it’s a good money spinner to photoshop profile pictures for Second Life.

Just because I’m an attention whore, here’s one of my latest:

(As a sidenote, I really need more geek friends. I showed that picture to Sunny, and she said it was nice. Can't she see the complicated bloom lighting effect I spent forever creating and tweaking? The layer masks to add that neat "fade out" effect? The drop shadow, embossing and beveling on the text? The 5 different layers of radial and gaussian blur on the background? Don't even get me started on glow effects. Nice! I ask you!)

So, anyway, today I turn the computer on, start up photoshop, and grab my stylus.

Then I notice my line looks weird. Something’s wrong.

I go to brush properties, and see the problem…the pressure sensitivity on my tablet is turned off and won’t turn on. I see a little warning symbol, that I soon discover means “You have pressure sensitivity enabled, but there’s no tablet installed.”

Oh, Mr. Photoshop, I beg to differ.

I do the usual, unplug and replug the tablet. Then, I spend the better part of an hour looking for the driver disc…and as soon as I find it, I remember that my DVD ROM isn’t working.

So after I went outside and screamed a little, I found the drivers on the interweb.

Re-install and….

Nothing. Still not working. Only now I can use the pressure sensitivity in the one crap graphics program I have, that I never use.

Maybe the problem is running my mouse and the tablet side by side.


I just don’t get this. How can I turn my computer on, have everything work perfectly, change absolutely nothing, and when I reboot, have something refuse to work?

Also, why is it that I can get the pressure sensitivity to work with every damn program I have, except for the one I want to use.

I don’t know who I can blame, but SOMEONE is going to pay for this.

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