Sunday, January 28, 2007


Ok, I’m watching the news right now, and have just seen something on it that actually made me quit out of the game I was playing to write about it.

Apparently, (and brace yourself here, because this may come as a bit of a shock), the movie business is one of the biggest polluters in California!

Wow, you mean in the movie capital of the world, a place with more studios than anywhere else, studios produce more pollution than any other industry in that area?

I mean, seriously, you could have knocked me down with 150 trucks all carrying 80 tons of concrete each! You mean to tell me the most prolific type of business in a given area is going to be responsible for the most pollution? Next you’ll be telling me in a state where the primary industry is car production, that car factories will be responsible for most of the pollution!

There’s even a rumor that there’s more overt gambling in Las Vegas than in any other state!

Great guys, you’ve just done a “study” and reported an event that’s about as unexpected and groundbreaking as pointing out that where there are more assholes, there’ll be more shit.

Stay tuned! On tomorrow’s news, they’re going to break the story that there’s more sunburn in hot countries, more traffic accidents in high-traffic areas and drivers are far more likely to be in an auto accident than people who walk.

In all seriousness, when did people get so stupid?

This morning I had someone who obviously eats Carnation Instant Bitch for breakfast whining at me for spamming because I sent her a group invitation in Second Life. That’s fair enough, I only invite people who’ve bought stuff from me, but it’s just a matter of clicking “no” if you don’t want to join.

However, her biggest gripe was that I didn’t IM her and ask her if she’d like to join first. That’s right, sending her an instant message asking her if she wanted to join a group isn’t spam, sending an invitation is.

Isn’t it the same fucking thing???

I’m supposed to invite her to an invitation. Does this dumbass make people invite her to parties twice? Call once to ask her if she’d like to go, and again 5 minutes later to actually invite her?

The longer I live, the more I despair about the human race.

If a giant ‘Planet Killer’ asteroid was hurtling towards Earth, 30% of people would be blaming whoever they don’t particularly like, 30% would start doing studies that would show “scientifically” that getting hit with a moon sized chunk of rock would be bad, another 30% would be campaigning against destroying it in case it hurts any minorities’/Races’/Religions’ feelings (and no minorities would be involved in this campaign), 9% would be selling “Asteroid Proof” umbrellas, not understanding that they won’t be around to spend the money…and the other 1% would have quick, easy solutions to get rid of the Asteroid, but won’t be able to get anyone else to listen.

I seriously think that if I ran a new report that drinking a whole bottle of bleach makes you thinner and more attractive, we’d lose 2/3rds of the population overnight.

The saddest thing of all, if I told everyone who read this blog that putting a shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger with your toe is guaranteed to make you rich…and someone did…I’d go to jail.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Let’s just take the warning labels off everything and let the problem sort itself out.


Saffyre said...

How many times a day do you say "d'ya know what pisses me off?"

I bet it's a fair few! lol

Oh and i've tried carnation instant bitch, oddly enough, it's quite bitter ;o)

The Girl said...

I felt so happy after reading your post that I had to go take a bath and use my hair dryer at the same time!

My favorite warnings... on a bag of peanuts the warning says "may contain nuts". Well, I sure as hell hope so!


manda the best person on the face of the planet said...

haha Carnation Instant Bitch, that's great.

And saffyre, he says "what pisses me off the most is..." probably everytime I talk to him lol.

Also, I'd get PISSED the fuck off if you IMed me and asked me to your party, THEN sent me an invitation. Especially, if you said no, and then continuted to send the invitation (because her rant did not include what if she didn't want it) LOL (next time something like that happens, IM her, ask her, then when/if she says no, send it again, and say well.... you said you didn't want it, not that I couldn't send it :) and smile happily..