Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stoopid dreams…

You know what one of the most depressing a disappointing things in the world is?

When you're having an awesome dream that you're doing something really cool or have something you've always wanted…and then you wake up and you realize not of it is true.

For example, last night I dreamt Sunny and I were getting on a plane to visit my parents in the UK, and I was thinking how cool i was going to be to see all my friends and family again, I'd get to take Sunny to all my old haunts and hang outs and it was going to be so awesome.

So I have the ticket in my hand, I'm climbing the steps onto the plane, telling Sunny about all the cool stuff we were going to do…and I woke up.

Reality sucks.

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Sunny said...

Yeah- that's even worse than my most unfav dream....the one I always have when I'm dieting....
Picture this......Thanksgiving Day...Dinner.......Countertops groaning under the weight of all my favorite foods with all my favorite people around me...........Walking around filling my platter(yes- I said PLATTER) with all that lovely Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole,creamed corn, green beans, fluffy yeast rolls, cherry yum-yum, and two or three kinds of pie.....I can smell the aroma, my mouth is watering, I find a spot to sit down.........reach for my fork and get a forkful of all that my mouth.... and I wake up.

And then an hour later you're asking me why I'm in such a foul mood.
Well, now you know.