Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Marie Shooting a Shotgun

Did a little shooting today with my stepson... When my daughter-in-law came to pick him up, she wanted to shoot my shotgun.

Note the complete lack of hesitation she has between "I'm ready" and pulling the trigger.

After editting the above video, I couldn't help but pull out After Effects and have a bit of a play:


Sunny said...

Good Show Marie!!!!
And gross after effects, Sweetheart!!!

Sunny said...

After watching this again- the second clip looks like she shot a Zombie at close range but just off camera. You grossed the girls at work out with the red "Blats".

With their shooting skills with a Shotgun and Compound bow, Marie and Frank need to live closer to us for the Z/A.

Evan 08 said...

I was gonna say the same thing as Sunny about the zombie shot.

marie said...

I cant see this Paul and Im not sure I want too :). I thought you were kidding about putting it on the internet. But just you wait Ill get better and then youll be running to me when its time to shoot zombies. And Ill laugh as they suck out your teeny brain (or whatever zombies do).