Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Jackson

Ok, I deliberately waited to write this post, but I think enough time has passed now to where this isn't completely distasteful.

I am sick to fucking death of hearing about Michael Jackson. Here's why:

A week before he died:

"Michael Jackson? He's a fucking pedophile. The only reason he's not in jail right now is because he's so fucking rich! Did you see it when he dangled his son over the balcony? He should have gone to jail for that alone. The guy's a sick freak!"

The day after he died:

"Oh, what a tragedy! He was the King of Pop and his death is a tragic loss to the world!"

Oh, and that last one should also include "…so…do you want to buy these memorial mugs, posters, books and special edition magazines?"

My point is that shortly before his death, no-one but his die-hard fans gave a fuck about Michael Jackson. In fact, I'd say the average person actively disliked him. He was the melted-face weirdo who fiddled with kiddies and got away with it because he had more money than God. He pops his clogs and suddenly it's 1985 again.

What I'd love is if someone had he balls to call the press on it. So when Journalist McNobody is trying to make a name for himself by writing a long, heartfelt piece on the 'tragedy' of Jackson's death, someone would just say "Hey, dude…aren't you the guy who wrote that piece last week saying that Jackson's a dirty pedo who should be locked up?"

It was the same when Princess Diana died. A week before all the newspapers were calling her a publicity whore and saying how 'disgraceful' it was that she was dating Dodi Al Fayed, how she should be ashamed of herself…but hours after she died, suddenly she was the greatest human who ever lived. The really funny part was how the newspapers started running special editions containing her life story, including how she was often 'treated unfairly by the press and subject to numerous baseless accusations'…somehow forgetting to mention that most of those 'baseless accusations' came from the very same paper.

Here's the deal:

Michael Jackson is either a genius musical genius who never harmed anybody and is a real loss, or he's a scumbag pedophile. He's not both.


Evan 08 said...

Thanks for not making me write that post.

Anonymous said...

can't he be a musical genius who was a raging pedophile?

frankly I didn't care about him before he died and I care less now...

I just am gald to see someone pointing out how the media sucks.


Kelly said...

Thank god some one else feels the same way! I reallly liked his music in the earlier days, but I wasn't saddened by his death. I think he was a talented musician, but the fact that a 'possible/probable' pedophile has been given press over the men who have gone to war and died for their country makes me feel ill!