Saturday, August 29, 2009

Parents: Beat Your Kids

Ok, this is something I'm REALLY fucking sick of.

Sunny and I were grocery shopping today with my stepson and two of his three kids, a three year old and a two month old.

Suddenly, the air was split by an ear-piercing scream. Had someone pulled a gun on someone? Had a display fallen over and pinned an old lady to the floor?

No, a parent had told their six or seven year old that he couldn't have the breakfast cereal he wanted.

For the next half hour that we walked around the grocery store, this little shit screamed, shouted, grabbed shit of shelves, threw things…and as we left was standing by the front door screaming, literally screaming, at the top of his fucking lungs for no goddamn reason.

Now, this kid wasn't alone. He wasn't even just there with his mother. He was there with both parents and what looked like an aunt and grandmother. What were these world-class role models doing while their kid was acting like a little shit?

Ignoring him…and occasionally asking him to be quiet in a low voice.

Ok, you pieces of shit, you worthless fucking parents. I know ignoring a kid when he's throwing a tantrum is a good tactic when you're at home…but when you're in the middle of a fucking crowded grocery store CONTROL YOUR FUCKING KIDS! Just because you're too fucking dumb to wear a condom and too fucking weak and retarded to control your kids doesn't mean I should have to put up with your little bastard screaming at the top of his fucking lungs and having to literally dodge the shit he keeps throwing because your shitty parenting means he has absolutely no fucking self control or self discipline.

He kids was at least six years old. He's old enough to know better. The only reason he's acting like a fucking animal is because you're a shit parent. If I'd have screamed like that in a grocery store at that age, I'd have been out of that place in less than a second, and I'd spend the rest of the trip in the back of the car…and that's after one of my parents had slapped the shit out of me.

Oh and before you fucking hippies out there start with how it's 'wrong' to physically discipline your kids, neither of my parents hesitated to give me a smack when I deserved it, and I didn't turn into a serial killer or some nutcase with intimacy issues…I turned into a normal human being who knew right from wrong and didn't scream and throw fucking tantrums in the middle of grocery stores.

Oh, he's 'creative'? You don't believe in 'violence'? You think your kid should be allowed to 'express himself'? How about I express myself by slapping the shit out of your bastard offspring because my ear drums are bleeding, I've just had to dodge a box of ballistic Cheerios, and your kid has just destroyed a display that probably took someone all morning to set up, just because you're too fucking lazy and stupid to discipline your own child?

Here's the deal. You start making your kid act like a fucking human instead of an animal, and I won't carry a rusty hacksaw to permanently remove you from the gene-pool to make sure you don't procreate again.


Sunny said...

Okay- so are you pissed off, or what?

JUST KIDDING. They WERE more than just annoying weren't they?

Evan 08 said...

You could also use the aforementioned hacksaw to remove the screaming child's tongue.

Here's my argument for corporal punishment: Eventually, the kid's gonna learn that if he just refuses to obey, he wins. There needs to be some sort of "nuclear option" in the parenting arsenal that the kids can't overcome. If you don't want to spank the kid as a regular course of parenting, fine... then do it once or twice early on... then you'll have a well-behaved kid AND you won't have to frequently resort to physical punishment.

Anonymous said...

parents so suck these days... I see this all the time.

Way to rant! let the world know those of us without ill behaved kids would like to not have to deal with this in public!


Highlander said...

It is abundantly obvious you do not have children. If you ever do, I guarantee we'll see you on the evening news for murdering your child. Do the world a favor, Mr. Pissed Off, DON'T EVER have children. You'll only corrupt the gene pool even further.

MY kids don't act like animals, and I've NEVER had to resort to beating them. Never had to lay a hand on them.

Why? Because I PARENT my children.

Sure, there are lots of oafs out there, breeding like rabbits and then letting their vermin run wild. They are clueless idiots who don't have the wherewithal to out-think a child.

Anyone resorting to violence on a child needs to be thrown in jail. If they are so stupid that they can't manage a child, then it is clear as day they can't manage anything else, either.

You need a license to drive, to get married, or to own a fucking dog; but any schmuck with a dick and a bitch with a cunt can become a parent.


Beating kids, though, will only perpetuate the problem of people who don't have an inkling about parenting. All their demonic offspring will do is ignore THEIR kids, until they boil over and beat the shit out of them.

Parents: RAISE your kids. YOU are in charge, not your snot-nosed little vermin. Take charge, be a parent. Learn parenting skills. Practice them, with patience and love.

If you're incapable of that, neuter yourselves.

Paulius said...

Hey Highlander.

Go fuck yourself.

I suggest next time you actually READ the post you're commenting on instead of just reading the title, assuming what the body of the text is about, then trying to be Billy Badass.

Because, obviously, a parent who will smack a misbehaving kid on the background as a last resort is OBVIOUSLY going to murder their kids eventually, right?

HTollestrup said...

I say BEAT 'EM!! It takes a LOT for me to get angry enough to spank my kids.. but sometimes I think that it is more than well deserved, some of the crap that these kids pull.. They have recently repainted our house in marker. After hunting down every marker and throwing them away, you best believe that they got spanked.
I think that sometimes it is necessary. BUT! After they stop being all hysterical and you are able to speak to them, you need to explain to them and make sure that they understand why they got a spanking. My kids are 2 and 3, so I don't expect them to answer me when I ask them "Do you know why you got a spanking?" Right now it is more a rhetorical question, but after I ask them, I tell them why I had to do it.
Right now what I am having trouble with is that my husband is deployed (only 2 more weeks left!) and after they get punished they want me to comfort them because they have no one else around for that.. but I know that I can't do that RIGHT after punishing them because that will confuse the crap out of them.
About the grocery store terror.. Granted, my kids have never thrown tantrums THAT bad in public.. but if my kids ever did do something like that then I would've probably bruised those rear ends in front of anyone watching before I drag them out of the store!!

Diane said...

Are you kidding me?? If you're superparent why didn't you say something? The parents and another adult were there. My son occassionally has uncontrollable meltdowns, and I see people like you looking at him. He has a neurological disorder and is medicated, but some days are worse then others. You would know if you asked. I am also completely alone dealing with my twins. And I HAVE disciplined him only to have the police called because I grabbed him by the jacket to make him look at me. The woman that called didn't stick around to talk to the cop, just to make sure he showed up. Only to say I did nothing wrong (which I knew). Her frozen food made it to the freezer. I wasn't so lucky. Maybe you should ask if there's a problem the next time you are so put off. There may be a reason.

Markan Patel said...

Amen brother

JJ Kingman said...

Kids need Beating but the government is making you think it is wrong and wants you to feel guilty about it when it's actually a sign of love toward your kids. Cause when they grow up they will know that there are limits in life , that u can't just do what u want and they will probably learn the word respect which is needed in this generation along with having enough moral and conscious to know what's right and wrong ,and not do what's wrong.
Some people claim that it will teach them fear but thats irrelevent they will know fear of judgment( consequences of your acts) which is good 4 everyone. And the only reason kids nowadays think that if ur daddy hits u it's child abuse it's because 1st they r kids( they want everything to be their way, and get upset when things don't go their way, they forget who r responsible for them) and 2nd the society we live in makes u think ur dad or mom is being mean to u when it's actually for ur good. That argument is for punks and weak people(mentally and morally) which this society seems to be full of (probably cuz they never grew up the right way and got spoiled as child. Ithink isaid enough and i totally support those who beat their child when they do wrong. And no i'm not talking about hitting in a crazy way but in a hard enough way to make your child understand who the boss is.