Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maybe I could do THAT job

Right now in South Carolina there are ads running for a website called "Better Upstate Jobs".

I tried the website and it's absolutely terrible, they have a handful of crappy jobs listed and the website looks like cutting-edge webdesign, right from 1996.

It's not the website I'm writing about though, it's the TV ad. I know local businesses don't have the advertising budget of the international corporations, but while the website is bad, the TV ad looks like it was put together on a Commodore 64 by a blind idiot who's design concept was 'flying and spinning text is really, really cool." I mean, why have text just sitting still where you can read it when 'My first video editor' has all these awesome presets so your text can bounce around the screen and spin at the same time.

Oh, and it appears that someone ran a google search for their images and doesn't watch very much TV, because as the pictures representing the different types of jobs you can find spin and fly onto the screen, the one for janitorial work shows the Janitor from 'Scrubs'.

Yeah…don't steal images from the web, because when you type 'janitor' into google and steal the first image you find (that you figure is probably from some local website no one has heard of), you just might be stealing an image belonging to a very popular studio.

It honestly makes me sad because while I have almost no formal training in special effects and video production, I watch this ad that some 'production company' probably got paid a couple grand for…and know I could do better in a couple of hours with my aging, five year old PC.


MC Etcher said...

Hear hear! It's surprising to me every day how much shitty design there is.

The tools are there, the taste is lacking.

Anonymous said...

This is part of the "anyone with a PC" can be an expert syndrome.

My friend who is a professional photographer says digital has killed her industry. No one wants to pay for something they can "do themselves- just as good" NOT.