Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who cares if they save lives?

I read today that the Pope has again attacked the practice of using condoms, claiming condoms 'exacerbate the AIDS crisis'.

I'd really like to know exactly how much double-think and indoctrination it takes to be able to come out with such complete and utter bullshit and be able to sleep at night.

While you're at it, don't teach your teens about seatbelts or road safety, it'll only encourage them to take risks behind the wheel.


Evan 08 said...

Condoms cause AIDS? I'd love to hear this rationale.

Paulius said...

You don't get it? It's OBVIOUS!

The very existence of condoms encourages people to have sex out of wedlock. More people have sex, condoms burst and then there's AIDS everywhere.

If condoms didn't exist, people would wait for marriage and have monogamous relationships... instantly stopping the spread of AIDS.

You know, like what's happening right now in Africa, giving the people in the most AIDS infected continent in the world would cause things to spiral out of control.

I just love the ridiculously convoluted logic in this. What I don't love is that the leader of the largest religion in the world would rather watch millions die than admit that catholic dogma might be a little out of date and not in everyone's best interest.