Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anniversaries and Unexpected Riches

Today was an absolutely awesome day, one of the first in a long time that I've ended in a genuinely good mood.

Firstly, it was our fifth wedding anniversary today , the first real milestone one. We went out for an awesome dinner, went window shopping for a while, and just to prove I haven't mentally aged a day since I was six years old, I bought a kite. (It's awesome, it looks like an eagle and everything…I can't wait until the wind gets up a bit.)

I have to say the best bit, though, is the surprise I got immediately after getting up this morning. I came into the living room, checked my email as usual…and found that one of the pieces of artwork from my online store had sold. I'd completely given up on the idea and almost forgotten I even had an online store, but discovered this morning that I'd been favorited by a good few people… and someone had actually bought one of my drawings.

Remember the Queen of Hearts drawing I posted about a few weeks ago? Someone parted with forty smackers for it. Ok, fair enough, ten of those forty dollars were for shipping, but it's a massive boost to the old ego and it feels almost exactly the same as it did the first time I sold a short story. You can put your work up for others to critique, you can critique yourself, but there's just something about someone parting with cold hard cash for something you created that makes you feel…well…validated.

It's like… the sheet of Bristol works out at forty cents, the ink works out at a couple of cents worth…which means I put 39 dollars and fifty cents worth of talent onto the page. Of course, it's also perfectly possible that the buyer is half blind and has absolutely no taste whatsoever…but even that's okay, because even if it turns out I have no talent at all, I still have forty bucks to spend to cheer myself up.

Of course, my favorite part is using this to annoy Sunny:

"Paulius? Can you vacuum the living room please?"

"What? You want me to us my artist's hands on menial labor? Are you quite mad?"

You get the idea.

Anyway, I have to go now, all this typing is putting wear and tear on my artist's fingers.


Evan 08 said...

That's cool!

marie said...

Damn your head is big enough as is. :)
Seriously though, Congradulations Paul. How many light sabers and/or laser pointers can you buy w/ forty dollars?

Paulius said...

Evan : Thanks!

Marie : If you weren't pregnant, I'd push you down some stairs.

marie said...

Remember what you said, because in a day or two ill have a witty and blistering retort. You'll be sorry then.

GoldenGait said...

Hee hee. I'll have to remember that excuse the next time I'm asked to clean. "My hands SAVE LIVES dammit! And you want me to use them to CLEAN THE TOILET?"

...I'm not actually THAT egotistical. I'm still a medical student, so no actual life saving has happened... as of yet.

Congrats on selling a piece, though! And happy anniversary! :)

MC Etcher said...

Dude! Way to go! Congrats on selling your art.