Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Hour ‘Energy’

Ok, this is something that's really annoying me.

Have you seen those ads for those 'Five Hour Energy' drinks?

There's a new one where they show a bunch of other energy drinks and say "These energy drinks have around twelve spoons of sugar and over 200 calories per serving! Five hour Energy has no sugar and just four calories!"

They know what a calorie is, right? I mean, that it's a unit of energy?

Exactly how is that a selling point? They're selling an energy drink that provides you with almost zero energy, while pointing out that all their competitor's drinks give you fifty times more energy. That's like saying "Our chocolate chip cookies don't have any chocolate chips in them at all, while our competitors are simply packed with delicious chocolaty goodness!"

Then again, we live in a world where you can buy 'fitness water', water that's more watery than water.

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