Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Cut Grass Today

This afternoon, the forecast storm never made it to our little corner of the world, so we went and bought some gas so I could try out the lawnmower.

I didn't mention in yesterday's post, but the lawnmower we bought was a 'Bolens'. It's a 158cc gas powered push-mower. If I'm completely honest, it's totally inadequate for our needs, but it's all we could afford at $160.

You see, Sunny and I live on her parent's property, about 8 acres of land. We share this property with Sunny's mom, and her brother and his wife. The amount of land that we consider 'ours' to take care of covers around an acre.

As I partially explained yesterday, when Sunny's Dad was alive, it was no problem keeping the grass cut. Sunny's parents had everything up to and including a full size tractor for yard work (they used to keep cows and chickens on the property), and Sunny's dad never turned down an offer to help keep his land looking it's best. Of course, this meant you got a half-hour safety lecture every time...but as an ex-suburban guy, I probably needed it, and he never made me feel like he was doing me a massive favor for letting me borrow a mower...because after all, it was his land I was taking care of.

Today, I don't want to get into it, but let's just say I don't appreciate being made to feel like the world's most untrustworthy person for no reason when I ask to borrow a lawnmower...especially when most of that shit comes from a person who doesn't actually own the equipment I'm asking to borrow.

Anyway, as difficult as the push mower was to put together, it actually operated a hell of a lot better than I expected. It started on the first pull of the cord, and although it ran too slowly and the engine cut out once or twice in the tall grass to begin with, once it had been running for fifteen minutes or so, the engine warmed up and it worked beautifully.

The only real problem, like I said above, is that it's not really well suited to what we need it for. I'm not sure what exact species of grass we have here, but it's the type that goes from ankle-high to waist high in less than a week once summer gets here. Forcing a heavy push-mower uphill through waist high grass, having to go slow enough that you don't choke the mower and stall the engine is not a hell of a lot of fun. I'm sure once the really tall grass is dealt with and mowing is just a matter of keeping the grass in check instead of waging war on it, things will get easier.

As I pointed out to the mower itself, and engine that was 58cc's smaller used to get me to and from work at 65 miles per hour...surely it could manage to cut some thick tall grass at about 1 mile per day.

The really good side is that for someone as out of shape as I am, pushing that mower through really tall grass is one hell of a workout. It was extremely bright and sunny today and by the time I'd done as much as I'd set out to do, my legs and arms were on fire and I'd completely drenched my T-shirt. I must have burnt a thousand calories and lost ten pounds in water-weight alone.

Hmmm, now there's an idea.

Want to lose weight fast? Need to fit into your favorite shorts by the time your vacation gets here? Come to Le Spa de Paulius! Our cellulose laceration training program helps the pounds just melt away while you help beautify a small corner of our planet! With full entertainment facilities (I'll loan you my iPod and you can watch TV for a bit when you're done) you'll be slim and trim in no time and best of all...le Spa de Paulius is completely free!!!

So come cut my grass...Uh, I mean partake of our cellulose laceration training program today!

if you act today, you also qualify for our canine-motivated sprint class (But only if Buddy takes a dislike to you and slips his collar)

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Evan 08 said...

You may be on to something with that day spa.