Friday, May 22, 2009

Not to be confused with a nice day - Epilogue

Just to cap off my awesome day that started with me being attacked by a gigantic spider and ended with my cash card being stolen, something else awesome happened.

Remember how last week I sold a piece of artwork? Well, I heard from the buyer today and found that it had arrived…folded in half.

I can't really complain because the buyer is being totally awesome about it. She's not asking for a replacement or refund and has just said it will probably be okay once it's framed and behind glass… she even left positive feedback on my store going on about how much she loved the piece and how quick the shipping was. But in all seriousness, exactly how hard is it to understand the words 'do not bend'?

It pisses me off because that drawing was one of the best I've ever done and the first I've ever actually sold. That it arrived damaged after I was specifically talked out of other shipping options is really annoying.

You see, I had planned putting the drawing in an envelope and sealing it in between a couple of sheets of thick, heavy gauge cardboard. The guy at the store assured me that it wouldn't be necessary. "We can stamp it 'Do Not Bend'." He said, before finishing with a derisive snort: "Our drivers don't ignore stuff like that…we're not the post office!"

So I told him it was the first sale from my online store and it was absolutely necessary that it arrive in perfect condition (a store with one sale and 100% negative feedback isn't going to do much for future sales), so I didn't mind a bit of overkill, and he assured me again and again that I would just be wasting my money.

Then the driver decides that 'Do Not Bend' stamped six times on each side of the envelope in scarlet ink is just a 'suggestion' and folds the thing in half and jams it in a mail box.


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rayray said...

if only there were someone you could punch in the neck for that...........