Friday, March 27, 2009

Fat Bastard.

I was sitting at the computer today while Sunny was watching Oprah. Now Oprah usually gets my blood-pressure up anyway thanks to her Fox-News style approach to chat shows (forget the facts, go for the sensationalism), but what I saw today nearly had me screaming at the screen.

It was one of those shows about morbidly obese people.

There was a guy on there who was still in his teens who weighed over 800 pounds. Cue five minutes of the guy whining into a camera about how he couldn't sleep lying down, how he couldn't move and how awful his life is and how people just don't understand how hard it is to be obese.

Then, it cut to the guy's mother who cried into the camera about how hard it is to 'watch her son slowly die'…WHILE SHE FRIED A WHOLE FUCKING CHICKEN FOR HIM WITH A COUPLE OF GIGANTIC BURGERS TO CHASE THEM WITH.

The final straw was a fucking doctor going on about how obesity is a 'disease'.


Influenza is a disease, Aids is a disease. Eating 150,000 calories a day while watching TV is not a disease. It's a goddamn choice.

It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to watch this greedy asshole crying about how terrible his life is while he eats his fifteenth steak, or watch his mother claiming they've 'tried everything' while she deep-fries a whole turkey.

Here's something you haven't tried…SALAD! EXERCISE! For fuck's sake try half a fried chicken with just one burger and then walk to the mailbox and back to start.

The absolute worst thing, and the part that made me ask Sunny to change the channel before I threw the TV out of the window, was when the guy went to hospital, had his stomach stapled to make it impossible to eat…and when they interviewed him six months later and he'd lost some weight, Oprah talked to him like he was a hero and had achieved something.

You know what? Lance Armstrong achieved something. This guy just ate until he weighed well over a half-ton and was so lazy and greedy that the prospect of being dead before he turned twenty wasn't enough to motivate him to eat a few salads or go for a walk.


You know what? I read all these stories about people born into awful situations, where life is a constant struggle and they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go on to be world leaders in their fields. To see people like that, then see this greedy, selfish fucker cry into his cheeseburger because he was bullied at school and lays all the responsibility at someone else's feet because he's so misunderstood and badly done to…it honestly makes me sick.

Pretty soon we'll just stop accepting any responsibility for ourselves at all. It really pisses me off when these assholes act like they're victims when everything they're suffering is self inflicted.

I quit smoking. I haven't smoked in six months and I still have days where I want a cigarette so badly I'd be willing to saw my legs off to have someone just blow smoke in my face. However, I exercise a little self control and actually don't do something I really like for the good of my health. I chose to take responsibility for my own well-being and don't smoke even though I'd really, really like to. I'm not saying this to show how awesome I am…I'm pointing it out for the exact opposite reason…it's entirely normal. It's not a disease because you don't want to diet or exercise…and that's exactly what these fat bastards are saying.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you exercise and eat right, you'll never wake up one morning and find that you're 800lbs. You choose to eat too much and you choose not to exercise. The fact that you can choose means it's NOT A DISEASE.

So, if you're ridiculously overweight, don't sit there and cry about how unfair it is…put the burger down and go for a fucking walk.


Sunny said...

Ummmm.....Wow........Altho I completely agree with you.

I think I'll go for a walk to the mailbox now.

(Verification word for today is *Hitilla*- Atilla's female cousin, I suppose.)

Anonymous said...

What a rant - totally agree though. Just going to put on my jogging shorts and trainers and take a run around the block!!!
Mum xx

Evan 08 said...

No wow necessary... he's saying the same thing I think every time I hear one of these chicken-soup-for-the-soul overcoming-the-self-created-obstacle he's-such-a-fucking-hero stories.

Hey dumbass... losing 600 pounds isn't being a hero. Jebus Christ! People throw the word 'hero' around so much, that it's lost all meaning. It's almost as worthless as the word 'fuck.' (Yeah, I know... not exactly the same topic, but it's related.)

Today's word: Donuot Hey fatso, lay off the donuots for a while!

Kelly said...

I think that may have been a little harsh.

First of all, as a child you learn your eating behaviours from your parents, and if the mother is going to feed him a whole fried chicken and two burgers then it's not surprising that he's grown to the size he has. She needs to accept her responsibility in this.

As for just eat salads and exercise...have you any idea how many times I have tried to diet? It's FUCKING HARD WORK.....and I fail. Time after time after time. Not because I want to be fat, and not because I have no willpower (although I confess to beng lacking). One of the main reasons for my failure is that as a child my mother used to force feed me vegetables that I told her I didnt want until I would heave and gag and my food was cold. Then she would reheat it and make me sit there until I ate it. Talk about torture!

As a result, I do not eat any vegetables. The very thought makes me want to vomit.....makes dieting sorta hard when you take away the food that will fill you up without the calorific content.

So, whilst I agree that sensible eating and exercise are the only way to lose weight without surgery...I think it's unfair to just say 'put down the burger and go for a walk'.

Do you say to a person with depression "just cheer the fuck up you miserable bastard"?

Overeating (without any childhood cause) IS a recognised disorder. Just like Bulimia, and Anorexia.

Have a little compassion, things aren't always that cut and dried.

Anonymous said...

I love you!
Responsibility for ones own actions is just that "responsibility"!

and no matter what Kelly says, no matter what your parents do.. YOU grow up and you make your own choices.
Her mom was a jerk, my mom was a jerk but that kid could tell his mom to stop making that much food or just say NO.

Keep on telling it like it is cuz so few people do!
A. Reid