Friday, March 20, 2009

Again with this shit?

Last night Sunny and I were sitting in front of the TV when up came an advert for a new comedy series called 'Roommates'.

I sat and watched as a nervous, nerdy kid told a couple of 'hot chicks' in a very shaky voice that he thinks that 'The sexiest organ on a woman in her brain'. Two seconds later a bigger guy in sportswear muscled in and in a case of almost vaudevillian over-acting said "Nah, for me it'll always be the great big boobs!" Canned laughter… and we're out.

I looked at the screen for a moment and thought "Hmm, a show featuring a socially awkward nerd, a slightly stupid and totally inappropriate jock and a couple of attractive women…where have I seen something like this before?"


Has TV become so creatively bankrupt that they've become incapable of coming up with any new ideas? That a show that can't be summed up in less than thirty seconds with "It's just like (successful show) only with (paper-thin gimmick)" has almost zero chance of being made?

"It's 'Friends' but with students!", "It's 'According to Jim' with teens!"

When are these assholes going to realize that we don't want something like 'another Scrubs'…because there already IS a 'Scrubs'. It's like someone gave them a single script in the early 80's and they've just been playing mad-libs with it ever since. If you think about it, it's really difficult to think of a network TV sitcom that doesn't follow the "Hot girls, nerd and jock" formula.

While I'm on the subject, I'd also like to thank the sci-fi channel for becoming 'SyFy'. I look forward to watching your further decline into G4 territory as you move further away from the programming that attracted everyone to your channel in the first place. It's going to be awesome when you stop showing sci-fi content all together and we can have yet another Spike TV clone showing reality shows and lowest common denominator programming.

All I can say is thank god for the internet. We've finally got to the point where a podcast recorded by a bunch of guys gathered around a ten ten dollar microphone is a hundred times more entertaining than the shows on network and cable TV that cost a quarter million per episode.



Evan 08 said...

...playing mad-libs with it ever since...

Love it!

Sunny said...

True Dat- I 'm so bored with freaking TV lately I actually enjoy listening to your podcasts on our little excursions.