Saturday, March 14, 2009

Different Strokes

I love Walmart, but not for the same reason that most people do. The main reason I love Walmart is because you can entertain yourself all day just by walking around one and looking at all the people.

Take today, for example:

Sunny and I were looking for a parking space in the Walmart parking lot when we saw a woman in her forties reach into her shopping bag, pull out a package of raw hotdogs, tear it open with her teeth, hand one to who I can only assume was her husband…before the two of them started happily munching away on the raw wieners as they walked through the rain to their car.

Just how hungry do you have to be to eat raw hotdogs in a Walmart parking lot?

I don't know. Considering they just left a store where they could have bought all kinds of snacks, maybe they just really, really like hotdogs.

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Sunny said...

LOL- I'm STILL not 100% convinced that actually was a woman....I mean it was three times the size in weight and twice as tall as the guy........sure it had longer hair than him- and had _oobs= but were the Boobs- or Moobs?
You're right tho- That was the oddest thing I've ever seen anyone do in a Walmart parking lot....