Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deliciously Ironic

This morning I read a post that Wil Wheaton had written about the back story he had created for his character for the Penny Arcade/PvP Dungeons and Dragons podcast.

Wil had gone to the trouble of writing what amounted to a thousand word short story, briefly explaining who his character was, where he came from and what his motivation is. Personally, I loved it. It reminded me of one of the short stories that you'd sometimes get with a new videogame, back before games came in DVD cases with little more than a 'quick reference card' for the controls.

Of course, this being the internet, someone had felt the need to post a derisory comment about Wil having 'Way too much time on his hands'.

Am I the only person who sees the sheer irony of this?

I'm not just talking about Wil here, because it happens all over. Someone goes to the trouble of actually creating something and posting it to the internet…then some asshole comes along posts a snide comment about how the creator of the thing he's commenting on has 'too much time on his hands' or he should 'get a life' etc.

What's the real waste of time here? Spending your time creating something, regardless of success… or spending your time belittling strangers over the internet for no reason?

I'll admit, there is some truly awful stuff out there on the internet, but in my opinion, the absolute ugliest drawing, the most poorly written short story or the most badly composed piece of music has a million times more value than every single snide comment on the internet put together.




Evan 08 said...

I'll remember that when you rip apart my next song... which is in the works as we speak.

Paulius said...

There's a huge difference between:

"Hey, I liked X, thought Y could use a little work and have you thought about Z?"


"Dude, you suck."