Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photoshop Hero.

Sunny went and bought some photo frames today and asked me to pick out and print one of our wedding pictures to hang up in the hallway.

Given that we're living in the Internet Age and I just happen to be a Photoshop God, I decided to give the picture that I'd picked out a quick once over. Nothing major. Just a little color correction, maybe add a subtle vignette…and of course remove any little blemishes we may or may not have had. (I had wicked shaving rash on my wedding day and this pic highlighted it perfectly)

So, after I get the picture the way I like it, I save it and decide to have a little fun with it. Twenty minutes later and Sunny looks like she's on the cover of Vogue. I call her over and show her the before and after. She then spends ten minutes sitting next to me giving me her opinion on other 'improvements' I can make to the picture.

…That picture is now hanging in our hallway.

I get this feeling that in a hundred years from now people will be tracing their family trees and wondering why every one of their ancestors from the early 2000's all seemed to have perfect skin, hair and perfectly flat stomachs.

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Seacat said...

Off the subject, but I wanted to THANK YOU for that wonderful B&W pic you sent to me! I told Sunny that I had been thinking about trying some different kind of shots, maybe laying my camera on the ground and shooting up towards my subjects or at an angle. Yours was exactly the kind of thing I'd been thinking about trying. Sorry I took so long to thank you, but I have been horribly sick and not doing much more than sleeping and coughing my head off!
Thanks again!!