Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's the point?

After going to bed at 11pm last night I’ve had almost zero sleep because my wisdom tooth is hurting so badly it feels like the right side of my face has been dipped in acid.

This coming Tuesday I get to go to the oral surgeon and pay him $25 dollars just for the privilege of being quoted a price I won’t be able to afford for at least two or three months, meaning I get to put up with this pain until around march.

The pipes under our Kitchen sink have been leaking for about the past month, meaning the wood underneath has become a rotten, moldy mess…and I have neither the money or expertise to fix it.

I was awoken this morning by the unmistakable sound of water dripping in the hallway outside our bedroom. This means the repair job on the roof didn’t hold and I get to spend more money I don’t have and spend yet more time up on the near roof in the near future.

Winter is here with a vengeance, meaning it’s impossible to keep this piece of shit house about 60 degrees.

I’m 27 years old. I’ve been out of work for four years. I have no job, no money, no car, no drivers license and no friends. I live in a house that’s falling apart. I have the equivalent of three Associates Degrees and a Bachelors Degree, but not even the local Walmart will hire me, and every single goddamned day I apply for every job I can…all the while knowing I won’t even get a ‘Thanks but no thanks’ in return.

Why the fuck am I even bothering getting out of bed in the morning?


Sunny said...

I can feel your pain sweetie, and I suppose the reason you get up in the mornings is because despite the fact that everything sucks at the moment- there is always the hope that things will magically fall into place at any moment.

I'm here to stand by your side, baby- lean on me til things fall in place for us- and I'll be right there by your side leaning on you as well. We're in this together... this is just that "or for worse" part of our vows....the "better" part is yet to come. And believe me- things could be a LOT worse, even tho it probably doesn't seem like it to you and knowing that it could be worse brings you not much comfort at the moment.

Hang in there, My Love.

I love you.

marie said...

Despite the fact that your wife's family isn't exactly the same as friends, we consider you one. So we'll have to do for now :). Cheer up, Frank'll be by soon to play rockstar.

Kelly said...

I can only imagine how crappy you must feel - 4 months of not working is near enough killing me, so 4 years must be a nightmare, especially when you are so educated.

Like Sunny says though, keep your chin up, because the opportunity you have been waiting for could be just around the corner.

Have you tried finding some volunteer work so that you can have some US based experience to put on your resume?

Evanesce In 2008 said...

I still say that you should use your foreign status as a selling point for getting a job. Tell the interviewer to "imagine how the young 'uns will drool when they hear my sweet accent," and then give him a role-playing interaction with a customer.